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Day hitter



Hitter - the profession of the XXI century

In Russia, many professional holidays: the day of the miner, teacher, border guard and even a puppeteer. Have not been forgotten and distributors of network marketing. Day hitter - a relatively new holiday. For the first time that day, said on Dec. 3, 2006 the very first grid companies - pioneers of MLM. It was then that in our lexicon the phrase appeared "Network Marketing". In a relatively short period of time has grown a huge army, whose name is the MLM industry.

Day hitter in Russia has no fixed date. It is celebrated annually on the first Sunday of December. This is no accident! After all, at the end of the year can take stock of work done to determine the turnover and the growth of structure and outline activities for the new year.

Today in our country about 3.5 million people are involved in network marketing. In MLM busy people of different ages, professions and nationalities. Doctors and housewives, teachers, workers, academics and students, military and students. Yes, students are also successfully working in this field and have shown good results. Networker can be any person who has reached adulthood, regardless of faith or profession. No wonder they say that network marketing - huge state which can drive a cook.

Distributors are consumers with information about innovative products that help improve the quality of life and prolong active longevity, staying young, beautiful and healthy. But that's not all. Network Marketing can make a person financially independent and have a stable income.

And, despite the fact that the ratio of network marketing is not always positive, more and more purchases of goods, services, information is made it through the online store network companies. Today, through the channels of the network business selling cosmetics, clothing, footwear, household and personal hygiene products, stationery. Online retailers are working people who are ready to fulfill your wishes at any time of day and night!

Options for cooperation in MLM

  • Consumers
  • Salespeople
  • Networkers

Consumers use product at a discount. Vendors receive income from retail sales. Networkers build a structure and get residual income. In the words of the great Gurus MLM: "It is better to get 1% of the work of 100 people than 100% of the work done yourself."

Work with sophisticated networkers. "Construction of Structures" and "direct sales" - is hard work, is to overcome fears and frustrations, it is work on yourself. The result - the joy of success.

Network Marketing Jokes

How many anecdotes written about the artists, government officials and police. Networkers also not forgotten. Networkers - people are gay, do not take offense.

  • Collected bear all the animals in the forest and announced: "Tomorrow will begin to engage in network marketing!" Declares a bonus for sales. Fox thought: "I am - a sly, type more products in the shops and lodging will be the winner." The hare decided: "I - the fastest, obegu the entire forest people and become the best seller. " And won a parrot. He is day-to-day told the same thing, same thing.
  • Traveling in one train a soldier, a priest and hitter. Arguing about who is closer to God. The priest says that he, as he constantly communicates with God. The soldier said that he is constantly walking "under God." A hitter says: "And I - and there is a GOD! Do not believe me, let's go into the first compartment, and you'll understand. " Knocking in the first compartment, open the door, comes hitter and all they hear: "Lord, this is you again!"
  • We arrived foreign leader network company Russian distributors at the end of his brilliant presentation asking:
    - And what, sir, is your favorite book?
    - Cheque - he replied without hesitation.
  • At the seminar leader of the company asks: "Word hitter - masculine, but I have a structure only women. How to call them - setevichki? "


Poems about networker

This is a job - network marketing
Someone that something needs to be sold,
And though we are not all to the liking of it,
But there are, what we celebrate this holiday.

Promotion of dietary supplements - the work is not simple,
And there are many subtleties we should know.
And since our products are bought,
It means that they need!


For many people, network marketing has become a way of life.

This is a celebration of professionals dedicated to bringing greater international attention to the development of network marketing and your business.



Good luck and prosperity in business!


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