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NNPTSTO. Termination

Partner Information Group



The Group's companies to inform all partners: the numerous and flagrant violations of ethics of the Group of Companies, Partners with disinformation, propaganda in their projects, which are not relevant to the Group companies, by introducing a partner in delusion, Lyudmila Arkhipova (ID 16185) and Anatoly Arkhipov ( ID 39043) to terminate the company NNPTSTO.



Management Group will inform all the partners: in the numerous and serious violations of ethics of the Group of companies with disinformation partners, their agitation in projects that bear no relation to the Group of companies, by introducing a partner in delusion, LA Lubskaya terminate all of the projects the Group's Peter Soldatenkova and removed from the post of Director of Development TSIINS.

In connection with numerous violations of the ethics group of companies and active work in other network projects, unrelated to the group of companies NNPTSTO, Natalya Eremeeva dismissed from his post as vice-president of group of companies.

Natalya actively campaigned partner group of companies to start cooperation with other network projects, spread false information about the termination of the group of companies that undermine the stability of the company in doubt and sowed panic among the partners and leaders.

A few days before the Third Congress of the G. Prudaeva invited to a meeting at the Head Office of the Director of Nevinnomyssk, which reported that a group of companies will soon be closed, and management (including the president of the group companies PA Soldatenkov and vice-presidents) goes to another company. The leader, who was reported this information during the convention wrote a statement addressed to the executive director of the group of companies to seek clarification on this fact.

VA Alexandrov gave a detailed explanation, and on spreading false and unverified information, it was decided to collect the leadership council. G. Prudaeva recognized that the facts contained in the statement had indeed taken place, but she was misled to believe false information and apologized for their actions. However, for spreading rumors and misleading the company's leaders, she will be punished by deprivation of the current bonus by 50% (instead of the original decision on termination). Retention of the bonus money will be transferred to the charity fund "MAMA" for the repair of the orphanage.

These partners terminate the falsification of documents, consumers are not misled. They sold oligopeptides and drops of aloe on Filatov at prices inflated by tens of times:

  • Christos Igor I. (ID 295738)
  • Filippi Alexey (ID 295739)
  • Todorenko Tatiana (ID 582138)
  • Filippi Viktor Fedorovich (ID 627745)
  • Filippi Natalia (ID 627743)
  • Filippov Sergey Viktorovich (ID 627741)

As a result of machinations of the group affected by many consumers, mostly pensioners and disabled people.

For speculation on the name of the company, Konstantin Demidov terminate all of the projects group of companies. Management strongly recommends not to invite Konstantin Demidov in offices and dealer centers of companies, since under the guise of a presentation NNPTSTO he advocates a very different projects, which have no relation to our group of companies.

Irina Demchenko, Director NNPTSTO, ID 11614 (PM Birobidzhan) has caused great financial damage to companies. Constant delays in the payment of bonuses, the lack of product range, the distortion of the marketing plan of the company. Conducted on the basis of warehouses NNPTSTO presentation of other network projects, which is unacceptable.

After the termination Irina Demchenko unilaterally without the consent of the company closed the DC № 70 in Birobidzhan, than deprived of our partners the opportunity to purchase the necessary products and opportunities to earn. We asked the question: "What happened with our product, Irina?" - "Today, all exported to !!!!» LANDFILL (Quote from a letter Demchenko).

After the appearance on the site NNPTSTO information on past March 11 Leadership Council with the participation of the leadership group of companies in regional offices across the country held similar leadership councils, which were dealt with very similar problems. It turns out that our leaders from time to time offer to move to other companies under the pretext that NNPTSTO soon cease to exist.

We therefore once again urge you, dear leaders, to be vigilant and to attend the official events of the companies where you will find all the latest information and ask the exciting questions that will answer our leaders and the leaders!
Please remember that each case of violation of ethics of companies will be considered and would be taken accordingly.

SOURCE: www.nnpcto.ru


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