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Workshop Materials Diana Matveeva

In life, each of us gives a lot of opportunities. But whether they will translate into reality or not, depends on us: our effort and our actions. After all, if money alone were showered upon us, and we thus just be sitting on the couch, it would be more like a fairy tale. Company NNPTSTO gives every person the opportunity to earn. But for this little desire. We must also make efforts.
The work here is simple and even simple in form, but all actions to attract newcomers to work with them, etc. must be carried out not once, but continually. Only systematic implementation of the knowledge gives excellent results. Networking should be given at least a few hours a week. "Any act committed, even once a week - is better than nothing!"

Structure and analysis of

Surprisingly, with all the pros network marketing, people often say: "Oh! It's not for me ... Here we have to work! " Granted, in MLM, they can earn income commensurate or even greater than the wages in the main work, spending on network business in a fraction of the time! Here's an example from real life: the average person works 5-7 days a week, roughly 12 hours a day and receives a monthly salary - 12 thousand rubles. In NNPTSTO, working 1-2 times a week for 2 hours a day, he has earned in the first month of 6000 rubles, in the second - 10 thousand rubles. And with each passing month income grows! Partner, the company only 4 months old. Its structure - 25 people. Basically all - consumers, and only three are actively involved in the network business. This example - a striking confirmation of the fact that, while maintaining the same rate of speed structure of the partner will constantly grow and, therefore, very soon, he will earn ten times more than on the substantive work!

Very often their own partners say that, in order to quickly achieve success in MLM, it is important to regularly invite both novices and properly build the structure. What does this mean? Quite often people start to build a structure that resembles the shape of sausage or sausage. This is when a partner, for example, signs for his mother under her brother - a mother, sister - a brother, etc. It turns out that Mom is in the first line of its structure, brother - in the second, sister - in the third, and so But, as practice shows, such stretched down the structure gives a much less profitable than those that are built more correct - in breadth, when all his relatives and acquaintances partner signs in its first line. "Deepening" the same structure resembles the tale of the turnip: "pull-pull and pull can not ..."

Building a structure, be sure to analyze how to change its momentum with each subsequent month. If the increase in turnover in the structure of five levels for a month short, that means, somewhere to put pressure. But it's better than nothing. After all, zero, as it may multiply will always be zero.

  • In the analysis of its structure see:
  • how many newbies you invited to the company this month;
  • how many of them have been actively working;
  • how much your income has grown for a month;
  • as developed in the company of those people whom you have invited very recently;
  • how to grow their turnover
  • how many people they have invited in the first one, two, three months of work?

Remember, tomorrow is realized today in the analysis of the day yesterday.

You - sponsor

For novices, whom you invite, you - the sponsor, even if they themselves in the company recently. As a mentor, be sure to keep your partner, but in any case, do not work for him.

The first steps have been taken with a newcomer: together fill a consumer card, write an order, get the products in stock, etc. If you do it together only once, then later your partner will be able to work independently, that's just inviting new users and all they show and tell.
If you have worked with beginners, in the future you will probably be able to avoid many negative points on their part. For example, at the queues to operators, who hammered an order into the system and issue the invoice. Sometimes the newcomers see in this only the negative side. The task of the sponsor explained that the queue - this is, first, one more confirmation that the product NNPTSTO very high demand, and hence it is really effective. And secondly, standing in the queue, many partners will learn a lot of positive results on the use of products, which in the future must help them in business.
But why should a newcomer interested in their stories, if you can use the other? The fact is that, after receiving their results, it is better and more emotional talk about a product that helped him. Telling their own stories, he could find new partners and expand its own, and then your structure too.
In dealing with a novice should not try to be clever, picking him Supplements and telling about their action. A sponsor can only help a person cope with his problem, telling stories about the effectiveness of products and showing them with photos, audio and video recordings.
Always tell about the product at the level of results and experiences. You can, of course, present Revitalizer MEZOKOKTEYL way: "Mezokokteyl contains mezoflavony that set of cells lipofuscin and act on the nerves ..." - but this is unlikely to produce the desired result. For the novice terms and scientific words would be completely incomprehensible. A clear your contact will be when you say, for example: "It's a terrific mezokokteyl! Very tasty! Unbelievable - you drink it, and the wrinkles are smoothed out! It feels fresher and better! "
A man who decided to use the product, offer to buy the magazine "SRT" with a gift or present to the newspaper "The quality of life". Themselves to work take the newspaper "Vestnik NNPTSTO" and "Life NNPTSTO". In these publications contain recommendations leaders who have already achieved success and who have something to share. They will help everyone to learn about new developments NNPTSTO and expand its structure.
At the first meeting with the newcomer is very important to ask questions and listen. Find out: what he wants in life, what he wanted to do, what results in health and in business wants to achieve. Explain that buying consumer card for 30 rubles, he could buy all the products NNPTSTO at a discount of 30%, with a network marketing can realize their dreams, make your life more interesting, as well as earn good money.

Sponsors, like people, are different. It is believed that no one in MLM anyone owe nothing. It is. But if you want to you were, and behind you was your structure, you need to help her. For example, as mentioned above, the sponsor, together with the novice buyer can fill in the map, go to a lecture, etc.
If the coach is not seriously engaged in the network business, but simply a consumer product, a novice can seek help from his superiors to the sponsor, who, by contrast, is active in the MLM-industry. Go and make yourself the advice of the man who knows how to make money, and actively engaged in this.

Remember: in MLM, your success - in your hands!

SOURCE: nnpcto.ru


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