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Current spring!







Spring - a very special time of the year!

In spring all around me, becoming brighter, more beautiful. I so want to change itself! Become more attractive to surprise all in unexpected ways, together, be different and compelling. In short, conquer the world.

But spring can give to their surprise. The impact of blinding sun, wind and humidity have a negative impact on our skin and the organism as a whole. Abrupt temperature changes only aggravates the skin condition and human health. Magnetic storms cause headache, jumps in blood pressure, low mood, tearfulness and fatigue. Found that slush and humidity provoke attacks vasoneurosis on hypotensive type (in gipotonikov pressure decreases, and in hypertensive patients - jumping from high to low).

Spring Tips
  • People exposed to magnetic storms, should reduce physical and mental stress and ensure a normal sleep. Do not forget about vitamins.
  • Coping with negative mood will help honey and honey song "NNPTSTO. Chocolate contains "hormone of joy" will be a good assistant.
  • To protect the eyes from bright sunlight use sunglasses and hats.
  • When avitominoze recommended that a company's products and NNPTSTO TSIINS - dietary supplements, syrups, mezokokteyli. They contain a complex of vitamins, in which the body needs very much in the spring.
  • If you decline the forces necessary to recharge your batteries. Preparations comprising Q10 - is what you need at the moment. Try the tool "Enzimsil.
With the onset of spring, begins active struggle with freckles - solar spray. There are two types of pigment spots.

Freckles - small specks of round shape. This is due to genes. They appear under the active influence of the sun, and disappear in winter. With age, their number decreases, and in old age, they disappear altogether.
Brown spots - freckles darker and have different shapes and sizes. Often the pigmentation manifested during pregnancy. The reason - a failure in production of melanin due to hormonal changes. In addition, the cause of pigmented spots can be age, stress, environment and improper means of skin care.

Abatement of freckles. Precautions.
  • The most effective spots on the active bleaching procedure. Bleaching masks should be done in the evening, that after no longer go out. In the spring, even in cloudy weather the sun is very active.
  • At a time of heightened solar activity relinquish creams, comprising retinol and alpha-gidrokisloty. They increase the photosensitivity of the skin to sunlight. In this regard, it is recommended to use sunscreen or limit sun exposure during the week after applying the cream.
  • Laser treatments - destroy cells that contain a large amount of melanin. It is a modern method of dealing with pigment spots.
  • Chemical peeling - dissolves the stratum corneum of the skin, allowing pigmentation disappears. Pilling for skin whitening should be carried out only in winter and autumn, because they make skin more sensitive and can even provoke enhanced synthesis of melanin, and thus stains become brighter and larger.
  • Krioapplikatsiya - treatment of liquid nitrogen. After the procedure, a spot much blush, and 3-4 days after the surface layer of dark spots and fades away. Do not forget to consult a specialist.
  • Saloon procedures help to get rid of age spots and freckles. Coming out of the salon, be sure to wear a hat and sunglasses.
  • Finally, unwanted stains can simply disguise the proofreaders. Note: their tone should be lighter stain and perfectly match skin tone. Apply creamy proofreader point, and then blend. Freckles can be masked foundation.
About the person I want to talk specifically. Face - this is our calling card. Dry and sensitive skin especially in the spring requires special care. Try to use Means "Delicious Series" company NNPTSTO, for example, nourishing cream, cosmetic cream "or" yoghurt rejuvenating lifting cream. After washing is recommended to use a series of tonic VIRTA. He will prepare the skin for further procedures - application of the cream on the face, neck and neck. Do not forget to apply moisturizer to the face before bedtime and an hour before going outside.


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