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Beauty Terms Glossary



Cosmetology translated from the Greek - the science of how to decorate themselves and care for the person.Like any science, it has a professional terminology. Concepts and terms are very - very much.We examine the most common, so that later you could understand what it is.


  • Alopecia - complete or partial loss of hair.

  • Algo-Mask - clearance and relaxation of the skin.The mask removes excess secretion of the sebaceous glands, and tightens facial contours.

  • Orange peel - the popular name of cellulite, which is manifested hummocky surface of the skin.

  • Applicator - A device in the form of a small sponge or brush for applying cosmetic products.

  • Beta therapy - a method of radiotherapy.

  • Brossazh (brashing) - A brush exfoliation using different nozzles, rotating at different speeds.Not recommended for very sensitive skin.

  • Botox - a procedure for the introduction of facial muscles a drug that "paralyzes" the muscles, making wrinkles and is a strong lifting.

  • Vaporizer - machine to create steam.Used in cosmetic procedures for steaming skin. When aromatherapy - to distribute the flavors in the room.

  • Vacuum cleaning is done on the basis of the manual.The difference is that the beautician did not clean the hands, and a vacuum apparatus, using a variety of nozzles.

  • Visagiste - An expert on makeup.

  • Hyaluronic acid - a natural component of skin.Retains water, resulting in giving it strength and resilience.

  • Hydrogel - a natural source of moisture to the skin.

  • Homeopathy - The system of medical treatment.The main principle of homeopathic treatment - like cures like: a substance that in large doses cause symptoms of the disease, in very small quantities contribute to its cure.

  • Hormonal therapy - Therapeutic use products Endocrine - hormones or their synthetic counterparts.

  • Depilatory - a tool for removing unwanted hair.Contain alkali to dissolve the hair.

  • Waxing - this is a temporary hair removal (shaving, bioepilyatsiya waxes and resins, different creams for hair removal), which removes only the hair shaft.

  • Injections of hyaluronic acid - The introduction of the acid under the skin.

  • Implants - devices from inorganic materials, introduced into the body for temporary or permanent perform different functions.

  • Collagen mask - a mask intended for introduction into the skin of active components - namely collagen to the skin acquired the necessary degree of moisture.

  • Concept - an original, innovative in terms Cosmetics, which has no analogues.

  • Combination skin - skin on some parts of the body is normal, but on the other - dry or oily.

  • Cryotherapy - Cold therapy (cryotherapy and cryosurgery) is performed with liquid nitrogen.Time effect on the skin can vary from 5-7 seconds to 15-30 seconds.

  • Cuperosis - Vascular mesh and star of the skin.

  • Curettage - scraping procedure of deep skin lesions using a spoon-tipped - curettes.

  • Liposome - Artificially obtained spherical particles.Due to the similarity of the cell membrane can penetrate into cells. In cosmetics liposomes are used to deliver substances into cells.

  • Liposuction - (fat loss) used to eliminate "fat traps" - deposits of fat in specific areas of subcutaneous fat.

  • Facelift - restoring muscular frame, tightening facial contours.

  • Makeup - makeup tools are applied with a thin layer and gently shade to hide flaws and highlight the advantages of persons.

  • Purifying Mask - Beauty products for skin cleansing, removal of excess sebum, clogged pores, remove keratinized cells.Contains abrasives, fruit acids, kaolin and herbal extracts.

  • Mesotherapy - invasive technique of introduction of active agents by interdermalnyh injection of a special scheme or course to lokoregionalnoy correction of pathological and age-related skin changes.

  • Hair extension - Implantation of artificial hair into the skin (hair implants).

  • Artificial nails are of three kinds:

    • Capacity acrylic gives more opportunities to design better disguises deficiencies nails

    • Nail extensions with gel gives a special shine without polish, designed to smooth the nails.

    • Bio-gel - a combined version of the nail: a meeting point to build and design their nails. At biogelevom lacquer coating and painting are kept longer.

  • Normalift - Restoration of the cell, a muscular frame

  • Normalization - the restoration of the cell and its potential.

  • Rejuvenation with gold threads (gold reinforcement) - A method of correcting subhirurgicheskoy skin on the face and neck with golden threads, which lies in the fact that under the skin type of thread of gold high samples in overlapping areas, which are thus created under the skin of the grid, or "skeleton" that keeps the skin elastic, taut .

  • Paraffin - Health and beauty treatments, which consists in immersing hands or feet, protected with polyethylene, in the tub with hot paraffin.

  • Steam inhalation - purification and recovery of the facial skin. These procedures can be divided into 3 kinds: cosmetic, therapeutic and restorative.

  • Permanent makeup - make-up (correction of the lips, eyes, eyebrows, etc.) performed by a tattoo.

  • Brown spots - the response of the melanocyte cells are not external or internal changes in the body. Brown spots are depigmentnye (white) and giperpigmentnye (dark).

  • Plastitermiya - thermal mask that is superimposed on the body is treated with cosmetic products, selected on the issues.

  • Peeling - cleansing or exfoliation of the surface stratum corneum.

  • Facelift (rhytidectomy, facelift or circular lift) - removing the most visible signs of aging (drooping brows, deepening infraorbital area, nasolabial folds).

  • Scrub - a cosmetic to remove cornified layer of skin cells.

  • Free radicals - heterogeneous metabolic products, characterized by very high activity, are often not safe for the body.

  • Tattooing - imitation Conventional cosmetic make-up, but running technique tattoos.

  • Tattoo Makeup - A synonym for "permanent makeup", its a slang designation.

  • Turbolifting face - rapid procedure (contouring facial contours).

  • Ultrasound peeling (Dezinkrustiruyuschy lotion).

  • Ultrasound massage (vibration): stimulation of blood circulation, lymph flow, improving the bioelectric activity of the tissues, fighting on

  • Fiziostimulyatsiya - electrical stimulation, using constant pulse currents.

  • Fluid - the liquid cream.It is particularly recommended during the summer so as not to clog pores in bold nourishing cream.

  • Phonophoresis - the introduction of cosmetics.

  • Fotoeppilyatsiya - energy light pulse is absorbed in the follicle, causing its heating and gradual deterioration.

  • Photorejuvenation - if the right to choose the characteristics of the light pulse, then you can return the youth of the skin - to resume the process of regeneration and natural synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers.

  • Chemical Peel - Abrasive effect on the skin with chemical agents.

  • Ultazvukovaya cleaning - most netravmatichnaya.Skin does not stretch, do not cause discomfort. Contra - Presence on the skin pigmentation, neoplasms of different nature.

  • Exfoliation - cosmetology equipment whose purpose is to remove dead cells from the skin surface.

  • Scrub - a preparation for exfoliation.As an exfoliant using salicylic and glycolic acid.

  • Epilation - Is medical procedure in which removes the hair from the root forever.

  • Epidermis - the topmost layer of skin, or cuticle, which consists of five layers.




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