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Steam inhalation for the face. Types



Steam inhalation - an old folk remedy. Of course, each of us at least once in his life, what is the greenhouse effect. Everyone knows a cure for a cold - sit on the pot with salt and soda solution or potatoes in the "uniform". Decoupling of the skin with steam has long been known. Has always been very good way of cleaning and saturation of the skin with minerals, vitamins, and moisture.
Today, in an age of nano technology, this procedure decoupling skin has not lost its relevance. Bath - is no exception. If soft impact vapor is not only superficial, but deep cleansing skin. Reveals the pores, after which you can easily remove dirt, makeup, grease tube, comedones (black dots) and dead skin cells. Steam procedure improves blood circulation and moisturize your skin, make it elastic, fresh and healthy.
Currently, there are many supertehnology the greenhouse effect: cosmetic inhalers, mini sauna. You can choose any model for size, cost, function, mechanism of work. They are convenient and easy to use. And the procedure itself is a pleasure.

Steam procedures are divided into 3 groups
Cosmetic inhalation
This procedure is aimed directly at the skin. Under the influence of hot steam, sweat glands begin to provide enhanced sweat, and with it went through the skin slag elements and toxins.
Cosmetic inhalation is useful for any skin type, but there are features. For example, for skin prone to the formation of acne, it is recommended to use the aromatic oils of bergamot, grapefruit, pine, eucalyptus, sage and chamomile. These herbs are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. After this procedure, steam wash face with cold water and citric acid. And with dry skin wise to do the bath with lime, dill, mint. After inhalation - wipe toning and moisturizing lotion. For any type of skin you can use broths neutral action: rosehips, linden blossom, birch buds, nettle, chamomile.

This inhalation of medicinal plants and has a strong therapeutic effect. For example, in winter the nasal mucosa is particularly dry. To maintain normal humidity recommended therapeutic steam baths.

Restorative inhalation
This program uses aromatic oils. It is advisable to use your favorite flavors to achieve a positive outcome. Restorative inhalation promotes relaxation, reduces stress, improves mood and sleep.

General Conditions of Use vaporium
Inhalation should be in 1-1,5 hours after eating.
The atmosphere during the procedure should be calm.
Clothes should not impede breathing.
Duration 10-15 minutes.
After inhalation need to rest for 15-20 minutes.
Refrain from eating for 1 hour.

Side effects of steam inhaler
  • Available on the face of pronounced vascular net "stars".
  • Increased body temperature.
  • Heart failure
  • Hematorrhea
  • Serious diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs.

Devices for steam inhalation nebulizer is called (from the word - a cloud).

There are currently many devices for steam treatments.
Steam inhaler "Camomile". It is used for deep cleansing facial and treatment of diseases of upper respiratory tract.
Inhaler "Jasmine" has good feedback. The device is well suited for steam baths, moisturizing and fragrance premises.
Inhaler with a sauna steam facial Beurer - an excellent gift for women! Stunning rejuvenating effect. Under the influence of vapors of herbs pores expand, there is cleaning the skin from dirt and dead cells.
Bremed BD 7100 provides the effect of steam sauna.
Betram - convenient inhaler for home use. Can be successfully used for medicinal and cosmetic inhalation.


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