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The impact of the winter air, wind and snow have a negative impact on our skin and whole body. Due to lack of moisture the skin becomes dry, pull together and begins to peel off. And if the street minus 30 and plus 30 homes, the very trouble. Extreme changes in temperature only aggravates the skin condition and health.

Magnetic storms cause headaches, jumps in blood pressure, low mood, tearfulness, and fatigue. Established that the mud and humidity provoke attacks vascular dystonia of hypertensive type (with hypotensive pressure decreases, and in hypertensive patients - jumping from high to low).

Many people have asked why the weather is dull people a bad mood? It's very simple. The hormone melatonin, which is responsible for good mood, is produced only under the influence of ultra-violet spectrum. When there is no sun for a long time, there are melancholy, lethargy and even depression.

How to protect yourself from the effects of weather and magnetic storms
People exposed to magnetic storms, should reduce physical and mental workload and ensure a normal sleep. Do not forget about vitamins.

Cope with the bad mood will help the honey and honey composition NNPTSTO. Chocolate contains "hormone of joy" will be a good assistant.

If you decline the forces necessary to recharge your batteries. Drugs, which include the Q10 - this is what you need at the moment. Try the tool Enzimsil.

In the winter from lack of oxygen the blood becomes more viscous, deteriorating blood flow and increases the load on the heart. Take oxygen cocktails. A walk in the pine forest - the best medicine!

Dry indoor air due to a central heating radiator effect on the state of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat. To increase the humidity of the easiest way - put the containers with water.

How to protect your skin from winter cold
Our tender lips are not adapted to the strong wind and cold. They begin to dry, crack and peel. In the bitter cold is recommended to cover mouth with a scarf. Good results are obtained by the application of decorative cosmetics for the lips VIRTA Paris, which includes kinetin and moisturizing ingredients, lanolin, and mica.

For skin in winter topical application of various procedures. Your skin under the influence of wind and frost becomes red, coarse and rough. An hour before going outdoors, apply nourishing cream. And it needs to be rubbed into the skin carefully, so as not to leave marks. In the evening you can make a hot tub with baking soda and soak your hands in the soda solution for 15 minutes. Then lubricate hands moisturizer VIRTA.

About the person you want to talk specifically. Face - this is our calling card. We should not forget about it. Dry and sensitive skin in the winter requires a particularly delicate care. Try to use Means "Delicious" series of NNPTSTO, for example, nourishing cream "cosmetic cream" or "Yogurt rejuvenating lifting cream. After washing is recommended to use a series of tonic VIRTA. He will prepare the skin for further procedures - applying the cream on the face, neck and neck. Do not forget to apply moisturizer to the face before bedtime and an hour before going outdoors.

First aid for frostbite
To avoid freezing to prevent need to lubricate the face with a fat cream and to avoid direct wind direction in the face.
In the cold can (and should) regularly massaging your nose, cheeks and ears pinched movements. This will improve blood flow to the face.
Tips for the fact that the place of frostbite should be rubbed with snow meaningless. Snow and icicles only injure the skin and exacerbate lesions.
Would be better to make a gentle massage frosted parts with whitened skin with clean hands, and then copiously lubricated animal fat (chicken or goose).


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