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Let's talk about hair. Everybody wants to have beautiful, healthy, shiny hair. But not all succeed. Of course, much depends on the nature. We can not change the color and hair type, which are incorporated in our genes. But a lot depends on hair care products. Because of inappropriate cosmetic hair thinning, fading, flogged, and even fall in larger quantities than prescribed norm. The loss of up to 80 hairs a day is considered normal. And if the hair falls out more and more, it is already a reason to see a specialist.

Enormous role played by the structure.The structure of hair has 3 layers

  • First - internal (brain) layer. He has not been fully ceratinized medulla.
  • Middle layer - crusty. It accounts for 90% of the total mass and is composed of keratinized cells. Its constituent pigments (eumelanin and feomelanin) determine the color of hair.
  • The third layer - outer (cuticle). At high magnification it is very similar to the scales of pine cones. Can you imagine? These scales can be opened and closed. If the scales are in contact with each other, the hair is shiny and not tangled. If your hair is lost luster, flogged, break, then the scales are in the raised position. This is bad.

Now let's talk about the form of hair. The shape of the hair affect race, track Ke Rutyna hair shaft and shape of the hair follicle. If the bulb is straight, and the hair will be straight. And holders of curly hair bulb looks like a comma.

Types of hair. Hair are dry, normal, oily and combination. Fat Hair incorporated genetically and depends on the activity of the sebaceous glands. On the fat content of hair can affect food and the amount of carbohydrates in food.

Phases of the life cycle of hair

  • Anagen - this time, when the hair follicle produces hair. At this stage, which lasts for several years, is 85% of the follicles.
  • Catagen - the time degradation of the follicle. Hair growth stops, and the root becomes the characteristic form bulbs. This phase lasts several weeks.
  • Telogen - the period of separation from the root hair and promoting it to the surface. In the telogen phase is about 15% of hair. These vychesyvayut hair comb.

In androgenic alopecia, the duration of the growth phase is reduced. The follicles do not reach the maximum value and begin to produce thin and weak hair. Reducing the growth phase leads to the fact that the percentage of hair, are in this phase decreases, while the number of follicles in the telogen phase, on the contrary, increases.

Causes of damage and hair loss

  • External factors: perm, Regular use of hair dryers, chlorinated water, curling irons, heated hair rollers, painting, sun, improper brushing, fleece, too frequent washing, capacity, permanent straightening.
  • Internal factors of hair damage: unhealthy diet, lack of vitamins, stress, chronic and infectious diseases.
  • Microelement deficiency hair follicles, namely, deficiency in silicon.

The first signs of the disease of hair and hair loss

  • The newly grown hair to become thinner than before.
  • The appearance of brittle, dry hair.
  • The loss of the original color and luster

How to strengthen hair? How to prevent hair loss? What tools exist alopecia? How to treat hair?

The company offers a comprehensive NNPTSTO Hair Care

Oligopeptides № 1 - drug information action.Carries information hidden in amino acids.

Cosmetics internal actions SGVE VIRTA hair - slows hair loss, normalizes the sebaceous glands, restores pigmentation, gives shine and volume.

Balm-spray against hair loss - strengthens, nourishes the hair, prevents hair loss.

A series of cosmetic VIRTA hair - a shampoo, balms and masks.Add volume and a healthy shine. Protect from the negative environmental impact. Nourish and strengthen hair and hair follicles.

Shampoo with shellac - gently removes impurities and toxins from the cells of the hair. Shellac makes elastic film around each hair, protecting them from harmful environmental exposures.

Shampoo against hair loss with protein oats - Effective for hair loss caused by various factors. Silatrane compensate the deficit of microelements, prevent thinning hair, update the cells.

Shampoo sitting - prevents the appearance of gray hair, prevents hair loss of pigmentation. The active ingredients restore the sick, weak, brittle hair and strengthen their structure.

Anti-dandruff shampoo - regulates the sebaceous glands, normalizes the exfoliation of skin cells. Helps eliminate dandruff, itching, irritation. The active ingredients reduce inflammation and have anti-fungal activity.

Regenerating shampoo with an extract from the seeds of flax - effectively reduces inflammation and irritation from the use of hair dryer, perms and UV radiation. Restores structure of hair.

Mask Hair restored with an extract from flax seeds - is designed to care for damaged hair and patients who suffered from irons, hair dryer, color and weather conditions. Reduces breakage, prevents the appearance of split ends. Refreshes the cell, prevents hair loss.

Balm for the strengthening and growth of hair - means to strengthen hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. Strengthens the hair along its length and the hair bulb regulates the process of circulation.

Beautiful hair - a good mood and success in all endeavors!


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