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Diseases of the blood. Treatment


About that, with some products NNPTSTO preventable diseases of the blood, whether it is a deadly pathology or frequent anemia at a lecture on Aug. 10, 2009 told the doctor of the highest category of Alexander Kurdyumov.

An examination of 100 people in 10 identify certain blood disorders. That is, on average, in 10% of the patients are almost always found the preconditions for the emergence of serious blood disorders. Often it happens that at the time of the survey the same leukemia manages to impress not only the bone marrow, but also other organs. This is due to the fact that many diseases of the blood originally manifested in the form of such "light" symptoms as weakness, fatigue, reduced concentration and pallor. We just can not bring them to the neglected or taken for any symptoms of some other disease. Although the same fatigue may be a harbinger of leukemia or frequent anemia, which is usually not allocated as a separate disease, but as a symptom of various pathological conditions.

Thus, many diseases of the blood do not start rapidly. However, if time did not take appropriate prevention measures, then further treatment can be very heavy and not always successful.

Today the product line Technology Center rejuvenation are unique designs that are beneficial effect on blood cells and can be used both as prophylaxis and in conjunction with the main treatment for serious illnesses.

As the biggest impact on the body causing stress, weakened immunity, it is first necessary to strengthen the forces of our internal "bodyguard". Product number one for this purpose - Force-BIO. The drug positively affects white blood cells - white blood cells responsible for immunity, protecting the body from germs, bacteria and viruses. As a preventive course of reception Forsee BIO should take at least 2 times a year.

In addition, you can connect syrup Inouye - a natural restorative way. Due to the mineral for the body of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids Inouye opposes pathogens, the recovery of the weakened organs and systems, recovery, purification and rejuvenation of cells of various tissues, including blood. Course admission syrup Inouye takes 1 month.

As the rejuvenation and restoration of function of blood is recommended to use Oligopeptides № 12. It works by regulating formation of red blood cells and their further life. As you know, kroveobrazuyuschie - stem cells are found in bone marrow. When they ripen, then produce red blood cells, white cells and platelets. To this process occurred in the normal mode and not inhibited, as often happens in adulthood, and especially at the oldest ages, should be applied Oligopeptides № 12. It stimulates the activity of blood stem cells, not letting them crush each other. In addition, a high-tech means to regulate the formation of blood clotting factors, prevents the formation of cancer cells, but also positively affects the development of hemoglobin and prevents anemia.

On the red blood cells - red blood cells positively influences natural and easily digestible product Witham. Red blood cells are responsible for delivering oxygen to all tissues of the body, they deduce the carbon dioxide and waste products of cell activity. If the red cell becomes smaller, it is fraught with anemia or anemia, which initially manifested as weakness and fatigue. Spread Witham contains B vitamins, vitamin PP, folic acid and is an excellent source of iron. Due to these unique ingredients Witham stimulates the formation of red blood cells and improves memory, strengthens the immune system, promotes normal growth and cell division. The properties of this drug is very broad, so as a preventive measure it is recommended to be taken literally everyone. Minimum rate - 5 grams spread 1 time per day during the month.

Qualitatively, improves blood SEALS fat, which is known to many partners as an effective tool for preventing cardiovascular disease and cancer. SEAL fat - it's a great fighter with bad cholesterol. It protects blood cells against free radicals and improves the metabolism in the human body at the cellular level. The minimum rate of admission within 1 month. During the year it may be desirable to pass at least 2-3 times.

The strongest drugs in diseases of the blood are VITONK, OMELIGNIN and SARTAR. "Vaccination against cancer "- VITONK most unique defender from the appearance of any tumors. This natural dietary supplements useful both as a prophylaxis, and during the primary treatment. Receiving BAA "VITONK" helps prevent recurrence of leukemia, the risk is always very high. Most often occurs in adults acute myeloid leukemia. The average age of patients - 65 years. The likelihood of leukosis to 50-year old man is 1 in 50,000, but for 70 years - one in 7000. That is, the older we get, the higher the risk of this disease. Our conclusion - BAA "VITONK" must necessarily be used to prevent dangerous illness.

Not the least role in the progression of blood diseases, including leukemia, have negative environmental factors and bad habits. For example, accelerates disease smoking, exhaust fumes, vapors of gasoline, electromagnetic radiation, etc. To protect themselves from many of these factors in the modern world is impossible. However, there is a way to stay healthy: the use of high-tech product SARTAR will maintain their health, despite living in a dirty area of the city or work in hazardous environments.

As a precaution VITONK recommended to take 1 capsule 1 time a day, and SARTAR - 1 bottle 1 a day. The minimum rate and that in either case - 1 month. SARTAR can also be used to prevent side effects of chemotherapy during treatment for malignant diseases. In a comprehensive program for treatment of leukemia must necessarily include drug OMELIGNIN taking: 1 bottle 1 times a day for 10 days.

If you had taken the prevention of blood diseases, remember that the best effect can be achieved if all dietary supplements, equipment and drugs are taken to clean the body. So start with herbal teas, for example, take VEDOFIT, AMIROVEDA and AGNIFORS, and then connect the other products of the Centre technology rejuvenation. Well-being not long to wait, be sure and, of course, healthy!

Source: nnpcto.ru Lectures. Seminars. School.


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