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Fungus. Causes. The symptoms are: Treatment


Fungal skin and nails disease-causing fungi. This is - an infectious disease that is transmitted from person to person. A quarter of our population infected with foot mycosis (fungal nail and skin fungus). Pathogenic fungi are on the body of every person, but not all of them cause disease. It should be noted that men suffer more often than women. Left untreated, the fungus can spread it all over his body and even penetrate into the tissues and blood. The result - the deterioration of overall health and reduce disability rights. Fungal infection delivers both physical and aesthetic misery.

The most favorable environment for reproduction of fungi - the warmth and moisture. Plays an important role PH human skin.Fungus has an incredible vitality. Some types of mold can withstand temperatures from minus 60 to plus 100 degrees Celsius. Remain active after treatment with disinfectants. Boiling fungi die within 3-5 minutes. In 1% formalin solution fungi are killed in 15-20 minutes (it is used to disinfect shoes). In a solution of chloramine destruction of fungi comes after 30-40 minutes (used for disinfection of objects). From the popular media is an active apple cider vinegar, which is used for the treatment of footwear in the prevention.

Causes of fungus

  • Infection with a fungus possibly when visiting public places (sauna, shower, pool, beach, gym, sauna).

  • Infected, usually from patients, when using a sponge, clothes, shoes, nail file, nail scissors.

  • The development of the fungus affects sweating of the feet, rubbing on the skin.

  • The reason could be varicose veins, diabetes mellitus.

  • Provoke the appearance of the fungus may be artificial nails, as they create a favorable environment for bacterial and fungal infections.

  • Low immune system is fighting with alien elements.

Symptoms of fungal skin and nail

  • Itching, burning, redness, swelling, peeling the troubled spot.

  • The bubbles, which once burst, leaving sores and cracks. If at this time does not take measures for the treatment, the fungus begins to spread to his feet.

  • If eaten by fungus on the nail plate, starting the destruction of nail bed (nail lamination, color change, pain).

  • Odor affected area.

  • The fungus can infect the internal organs.

Fungal infection. Varieties and forms

  • Candidiasis - A type of fungal infection caused by microscopic fungi Candida (Candida albicans).The fungus attacks the mucous membrane of the mouth (thrush), intestine (a form of dysbiosis), vagina, urinary tract infections.

  • Microsporia (ringworm) - affects mainly children.

  • Mycosis of the feet occur most often in adults (after 14 years). This is due to age-related changes in the organism and the level of PH of the skin.

  • About nihomikoz (nail fungus) - fungal infectious nd I, which is transmitted from person to person.Often, infected nail fungus occurs in a family through a common shoes, and through other household items.

Treatment of fungal diseases

Treatment depends on the shape of the fungus, disease stage and place of destruction. Fungal diseases of internal organs require longer treatment. In the early stages of the disease can be cured easily. It is recommended to conduct local treatment: cut off the affected areas of nail, covered the remaining antifungal nail polish, lubricate antifungal ointments, which are now quite a lot. Most new antifungal drugs are not only actively influence the fungus, stopping the development of mycosis, but also long held a nail, thereby reducing the period of treatment. Modern antifungal medicines are usually taken within 2-4 months. The action of most of them aimed directly against the few, the most common types of fungi. Side effects of new drugs are minimal. However, the stage of the disease can install only the doctor.
In lesions of the nail to the base and the matrix must be removed from the plates Nogtev th. If the disease is running are encouraged to take tablets or capsules, which are used lokiruet production of ergosterol by inhibiting skvalenepoksidazy. They allow you to recover quickly. Antibiotics stop cell division in fungal spores. But do not try to make them yourself. Need specialist advice.

Precautionary measures

  • Do not wear someone else's shoes and do not let their shoes to others.

  • Sick family member with a fungal infection should have personal scissors, nail files for nails and other supplies for personal hygiene.

  • After showering dry the skin between your toes and hands.

  • Artificial nails can not be used for a very long time.

  • Carry out disinfection in the apartment and public places.

NNPTSTO offers a universal means to combat the fungus.

This spray Anaconda.It relieves pain, relieves itching, inflammation and allergic reactions. Anaconda strengthens local immunity, promotes rapid healing of affected areas, relieves restless legs syndrome.In addition to the spray to get rid of fungus on the nails can be used Revitalizer mezokokteyl nail.


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