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Diseases of the feet. Causes. The symptoms are: Treatment


Pushkin wrote: "Have you not Find in Russia the whole two pairs of shapely female legs ...».

Nice legs - a special theme.This is the cherished dream of any woman.

Your feet work all day, and make sure you know about them. Concern for their health and cleanliness should be the same obligation as washing and cleaning your teeth.

Arthritis and arthrosis of the lower extremities

Women suffer from foot disease is 4 times more often than men. This could be high-heeled shoes. High heels and a forced deformation of the foot leads to the deposition of salts. The result - arthritis, arthrosis of the lower extremities, and flat feet. Symptoms: pain, heaviness in the legs, morning stiffness, redness, bumps, swelling and inflammation. Complex Anavita plus - First Assistant arthritis and arthrosis.


Chronic venous insufficiency which is often combined with varicose veins, is a lot of trouble.Symptoms: swelling, heaviness and pain in the legs, cramps (especially at night), pigmentation and dryness of the skin, the appearance of venous sites. If the disease is started, it can lead to venous ulcers.

Doctors usually recommend that ingest drugs, mostly based on horse chestnut, use the gel of the same composition outwardly, bandage the affected limb elastic bandage or wear elastic stockings. In advanced stages of disease recommended surgery.

In the lower limbs varicose very useful vitamin C. It provides a normal wall permeability of capillary vessels, increases strength and elasticity of the vascular wall, stimulating the function of cells producing collagen.

The complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids (also called vitamin P) strengthens blood vessel walls, making them flexible, reduces the permeability of their walls. A good way to keep the veins is the oil from pumpkin seeds. This oil is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin A, and contains a set of polyunsaturated fatty acids. It should be consumed for a long time and can also be used locally instead of ointments and gels (the effect of very good).

Oil Nitsiferol - a complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids. The drug strengthens the walls of blood vessels, making them flexible, reduces permeability.

A unique means for maintaining the normal function of veins is the cream Nitsiferol. Cream relieves fatigue, reduces varicose knots and spasms. Apply it to lightly upward.

Creams VIRTA help solve the problems associated with the disease down.

Fungal disease foot and nail

Heat, high humidity and dirt - an enabling environment for the development of fungal infection. Therefore, in the sauna, pool or gym is recommended to handle feet spray Anaconda. The drug Anaconda - an effective tool to combat fungal infections of feet and nails. How to use: Apply to the affected surface, until otrastet new healthy nail. The patient should remove the nail scissors.

Symptoms of fungal diseases of the legs: changing the color and shape of nail, redness, blisters, itching and swelling. If you find the symptoms of fungal nail and feet, consult a specialist. It is important to early treatment.

More information about fungal infections - on our site NNPTSTO - ZDRAVPLUS:


Excessive sweating or dryness of the feet

Feet perspire much stronger than the rest of the body. Therefore, it is recommended each day to wash them with soap and water, and in summer enjoy powdering. Appropriate to apply the powder in the morning.

For dry skin foot cream recommended for use at night, because they require some time to absorb.

Get rid of the smell of sweat you will spray for legs Free foot company NNPTSTO.

Prophylaxis. Simple tips and rules.

Try to walk more. Everyone knows that when you walk work calf muscles. Consequently, reducing blood stagnation in the lower extremities. A special (medical walking) better than any elastic stockings. Use insoles and therapeutic insoles. They will help avoid flatfoot.

Avoid prolonged standing. If you spend a day "on their feet, try to give the evening's feet elevated position (legs should be above the level of the heart).

If you must sit for a long time, the legs should be periodically attached to a horizontal position, 1-1,5 hours every little walk or 10-15 times get up on his toes.

Plays a vital role shoes we wear. Shoes with high heels and narrow toe can cause flat feet. Foot with deformed legs more tired when walking. Recommended for everyday wear shoes with a heel no higher than 4 cm The pledge of comfort legs - Low heel, leather and quite thick sole.

Monitor your diet. Try to eliminate fats, sweets and acute food and alcohol. Type in the diet of vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts, seeds and seafood.

Given that the current food depleted in vitamins, take food supplements.

Exercises for strengthening and improvement of foot

  • Put your feet parallel, stood on tiptoe, down a full foot. Perform the exercise for at least 20 times. This is the best workout.

  • Fingers of a bare foot to catch a small ball and raise it to a height of 30 cm drop. Repeat with the other leg. Duration of exercise - 5 minutes. Very good strengthens fingers.

  • Get a pencil toes and try something write legibly. Exercise strengthens muscles throughout the leg.

  • Sit down with one hand hold the foot and the other to rotate the big toe first in one direction and then in another direction. Useful for all fingers, but especially for the big one.

  • Standing on the trolley to rotate your fingers to the heel and back, pressing hard on the soles of one, then the other leg. Particular attention is paid to the place under the arch of the foot. Exercise rejuvenates the foot by pursuing every muscle and every tendon.

These simple exercises will help get rid of salt deposits.

Take care of your feet!


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