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Varices Causes Symptoms Treatment



Disease feet very much: varicose veins, arthrosis and arthritis of the lower extremities, flat feet, deformity of the foot, myalgia, gout, fungal infection, bulging bone of the thumb, heel spur, calluses, corns. And although each of us understands that even a small callus on the foot can greatly complicate the lives and spoil the mood, we often do not pay proper attention to their feet.

One of the most common diseases of the legs is varicose veins.

Varicose veins - is a progressive chronic disease that causes loss of deep and superficial veins. It leads to irreversible changes in skin, muscle, liver, bones and even the nervous system. Very often accompany hemorrhoids and varicose degenerative disc disease.

According to doctors varicose suffers 70% of women aged 30-45 years and 30% of men the same age group. After 50 years, the percentage incidence of strong and weak sex approximately the same.

Causes of varicose veins

The view that varicose veins most often occurs in those who did not have many walks of scientific evidence. According to medical data, varicose disease affects primarily those who are forced to spend much time standing in one spot (64%) and sedentary (29%). Only 6% of cases of varicose veins occurs in those people who walk a lot. Looking at those statistics, it becomes clear how dangerous it is to ignore the exercises in the morning, fresh air, and generally maintaining an active lifestyle.

Hypotheses of varicose veins very much. But is it worth to say about such provocateurs disease, like smoking and zakidyvanie "leg to leg in a sitting position. In other words, if a woman loves "businesslike" sit and smoke from time to time a cigarette is almost certainly possible to argue that it will develop varicose veins.

Complications of varicose veins can be diseases such as cellulitis, bleeding, thrombosis, dermatitis and trophic ulcers.

Varicose disease and its complications can lead to long-term disability, and in some cases even become the cause of disability.

Symptoms of varicose veins

  • Stage I - n oyavlenie popliteal venous pattern on the cup.Then the disease progresses and the veins begin to swell. There is a sense of fatigue and heaviness. "As if in veins than blood, and lead" - note the many patients. If blood stays in the lower limbs, the veins dilate and the blood goes bad in the upper body.

  • Stage II development of varicose veins - the appearance of convulsions and severe pain.Convulsions pyavlyayutsya, usually at night.

  • Stage III - at plotnenie veins.Visually noticeable varicose veins on the foot, shin and thigh. In this case, you must consult a doctor.

  • Stage IV - with Tenko veins become thin and develop trophic ulcers.This not only constitutes a threat to disability, but also becomes a life-threatening.

Aggravation of varicose veins most often occurs in spring and autumn. If a person is full, and he appeared varicose veins deep veins, then the initial stages to define it is very difficult.

The main symptom of varicose veins and its complications - a swelling of the legs. However, one must bear in mind that feet can swell, and in violation of the kidneys or the problems of the cardiovascular system. How to find out that this venous edema? When heart disease is usually two feet swell uniformly. Feet warm and the swelling does not cause severe pain. When varicose veins are, on the contrary, cold, and painful swelling of themselves. Often, varicose legs have a cyanotic color. In addition, the swell it can be very uneven. One leg may be thicker than other by 30-40 centimeters!

Varices occurs slowly and gradually, so everybody has a good chance to suspend its development still in its early stages, and not to bring before the operation.


Prevention and Treatment

Company NNPTSTO produces complex products, and among them one can find a lot of money for the prevention of varicose disease and its complications.

Oligopeptides № 19 - rejuvenates and restores the venous system, improves blood circulation, tone and permeability of the veins. Improves blood flow in the veins of the lower limbs, reduces varicose appearance and reduces fatigue and swelling of the legs. Oligopeptide effective for both prevention and treatment of varicose veins.

Oligopeptides number 5 - not only rejuvenates the blood vessels of the arterial system, but venous blood. Protects them from the appearance of plaque and blood clots. Improves circulation and makes blood vessels more elastic.

Oligopeptides number 3 - a high-performance tool, designed for skin rejuvenation will help avoid the appearance of venous ulcers are often associated varicosity.

Cream NITSIFEROL strengthens the venous wall, promotes removal of edema, fatigue and feeling of heaviness.Application of cream NITSIFEROL leads simply to excellent results: disappearing night cramps, pain pass, and with prolonged use smoothed cosmetic damage: almost completely disappear varicose knots, spider veins and grids, as well as cyanotic spots.

In order to reduce deposits on the walls of blood vessels of bad cholesterol, it is recommended to use biologically active supplement NITSIFEROL.

But the best thing you can offer - is to perform the procedure in combination with drugs commonly used for varicose veins and thrombophlebitis. Then the delivery of drugs would be much better, and their combined effect long-term, and hence more efficient.

In acute occurrence of varicose veins can not do well without the elastic bandage and special underwear. But if just to bandage his feet and lie down on the couch, it does not give a positive result. Must-like, with a heavy load to give the feet can not.

Effective treatment for varicose veins and thrombophlebitis is the use of medicinal leeches.


Useful Tips
Coach veins should be cold perfusion.

Useful for the prevention of varicose veins swimming, skiing and swimming.

It is not recommended to play sports such as volleyball, basketball and football.

Doctors advise less tanning and as sparingly as possible to take a hot bath to avoid overheating of the feet.

With varicose veins can not stand long, wear too tight clothing, tight belts and erasers. Heels of shoes must be no higher than 3.4 centimeters.

During sleep and rest for varicose veins is recommended to keep your feet in a few raised position by placing them, for example, a small pillow.

If you experience cramps to get back on the cold floor and hit him across the feet, and then pinch the muscle.

If in severe pain and swelling you do not help, you should consult your doctor.

Do not rub the feet in order to reduce the pain, but just to stroke them.

Disease prophylaxis is always easier than cure and should not be delayed if the symptoms of varicose veins already. Let us help ourselves, not waiting for a strong signal in our body, so you do not have to invest more time, effort and money to apply emergency measures. Then life will be always pleasant, and not just at the moment when you are temporarily releases the disease.



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