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How to protect cells from mutations?


If the human mutated cells are not destroyed, it will quickly multiply. There is division on the same mutated cells, this may lead to the formation of benign and malignant neoplasms. There is growth of cancer cells when exposed to hazardous substances, microorganisms and radiation. A strong immune system protects our bodies from mutations. It protects us from viruses and harmful bacteria. 15-year-old boy has already fully formed by the immune system. But, unfortunately, over the years, the immunity is aging more rapidly and precipitously other systems. Therefore surprising that the grandparents get sick at the slightest breath of wind, not worth it. What is really reasonable to do is to strengthen the immune system. Make it very simple and, above all accessible, even Russian pensioner.

1. Tool number one to strengthen immunity - Supplements Forsyth Bio. This drug restores its own intestinal microflora, on which directly depends immunity. By the way, antibiotics, which many of us are accustomed to use as an indispensable tool in the fight against colds, very detrimental effect on immunity. They kill the intestinal microflora, which should be conducive to the assimilation of nutrition.

Forsyth-BIO provides daily rate required to man vitamins and lecithin - the main nutrient for the nervous system. Lecithin allows a person even in the period of the disease to feel good, to be active physically and mentally. In addition, this substance is involved in fat metabolism and by itself stimulates the immune system.

Take Forsee BIO recommended in the morning on an empty stomach - for 15-20 minutes before eating. The course takes 1 month. This is enough to strengthen the immune system. But if you want to continue the use of dietary supplements may be due to the fact that the already ill, then make a short break - three weeks and then start drinking again Forsee BIO.

2. If you are allergic to dairy products, to enhance immunity, use tea Agnifors.The structure of tea include: a powerful antioxidant - green tea, fruit plants - Kabul terminals and terminals belericheskoy that have antibacterial properties, stimulates cerebral blood flow, used in cough, diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, eyes, and with the hemorrhoids and uterine bleeding . At tea AGNIFORS also includes fruit embliki drug. Emblika is the richest source of vitamin C. It contains more here than in citrus. In addition, it contains amino acids, flavonoids, vitamins and mineral elements such as magnesium, manganese, copper and iron. Fruits embliki effective when scurvy, tuberculosis, diabetes, pneumonia and other ailments.

3. As in the primary and the secondary immunodeficiency can use high-tech means - Oligopeptides № 7 for features of this tool is sometimes called "shaman.Method for applying transdermal. A few drops of oligopeptide need to rub the skin on his arm. Substances in the oligopeptide pass through the skin and instantly into the blood, and then immediately reach the addressee, promoting rejuvenation and restoration of the immune system. Oligopeptides effectively helps to combat inflammation in the body and the complications of diseases.

Apply the recommended 12-15 drops per day, but need to start all the same with a smaller dosage (5-6 drops), gradually increasing it. Use oligopeptides preferably not more than three months a year, and, of course, is a powerful tool, as OLIGOPEPTIDE № 7 is intended primarily for the elderly.

4. Strengthening of immunity would greatly facilitate the use of rejuvenating mezokokteyley. Any mezokokteyl perfectly protects the cells of all organs and systems in the body from damage and death that may occur due to attack of free radicals. Mezokokteyli also improve the metabolism of nerve tissue, increase their resistance to oxygen deficiency, eliminate vasospasm improve memory and attention. And the latest developments NNPTSTO - Mezobyuti and VIRTA Neo - also strengthen antitumor immunity.


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