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How to get rid of parasites and worms?


We come into contact with bacteria everywhere and every day. Even the sterile cleanliness of the house will not save the situation. Coming out into the street, we can not change the dirty air to clean. In public places we can not expect perfect clarity, because there always go people.

Sources of potential infection much. Poorly washed fruits and vegetables, not cooked meats or fish, drank poorly treated water, pat pet cat - and now parasites already inside you. While it may at once that you do not feel it. Children are infected more often, playing with dogs or in the sandbox. You can become infected at the beach and in public places.

Scientists say that in Europe is infected with worms of every three, and in Russia - every second. Thus, one ascaridiasis suffer up to 100 million people a year. And the whole world now knows about 300 parasitic diseases. Statistics are not happy.

Worms cause great harm to humans. They cause painful lesions over time, individual organs, the general deterioration of health, reduction of physical and mental performance.

Types of worms, parasites in the human

  • Ostritsa (parasite nematode) - resides in the lower portion of the small intestine and cecum rights. Her body has tapered ends. Males reach 2-5 mm in length. Females - up to 12 mm. At night, the females come out of the anus and lay eggs in transparent color, then die.
  • Ascaris - large roundworm reddish color. Resembled the earthworms. The worm is growing rapidly: the male for 2-3 months can grow to 15-25 cm, and females - up to 30-44 cm in length. Its tail has a conical appendage and two large suction cups on the inner side of the body. Tail of male resembles a hook, and at the head end has a mouth opening with three big lips, suckers. The female lays every day in the human intestine to 200 thousand eggs. All of them fall into the environment from human feces. These eggs have a high viability. They may be in the soil for about 20 years. Under favorable conditions, of which developing larvae are able to establish themselves in the human body. The disease is caused by ascarids is called ascariasis.
  • Solitaire (chain). Refers to a tapeworm. Most of the human body get pork or bovine tapeworm. They can reach a length of 1,5-2 and 4-6 meters. In humans, solitaires are in the small intestine, being attached to the intestinal wall located on the head with suckers. Pork tapeworm is particularly harmful to human health. Its larvae can penetrate the brain, eye and other tissues.
  • Dwarf tapeworm reaches 1,5-3 centimeters in length, more often it parasitizes in the small intestine of children.

How to protect and heal the body of worms, worms, and worms?

The only universal means of pest control - protection of the body from the inside. To implement such protection will help teas produced by the Center for Technology Rejuvenation: Vedofit and Protofit.If VEDOFIT affects the entire body, cleansing the intestines and promoting the removal of accumulated toxins and impurities, then PROTOFIT purposefully removes from the body of parasites and is opposed to the emergence of fungi. In the fight against parasites may also want to use supplements Forsyth Bio, which strengthens the immune system.It has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and anti-allergic effect.


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