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Gastritis. Causes. The symptoms are: Treatment


Gastritis - an inflammation of the gastric mucosa.  When the inflammation goes to the duodenum, forming the so-called gastro. There are two types of gastritis and gastroduodenitis: with low and high acidity of gastric juice. Diseases are acute - Having first and proceed rapidly. And chronic - Repeated seizures are not very often, but with surprising regularity. If acute gastritis do not deal in time, it becomes chronic. Gastritis and gastro - the most common gastro - intestinal tract; statistics they suffer from more than half the adult population.

Causes gastritis varied: 

predilection for spicy, hot and coarse food, excessive use of alcohol, irregular meals, eating cold food, stress, prolonged intake of drugs (aspirin, some antibiotics), smoking status, intestinal infections, and chronic infection in the oral cavity and pharynx (carious teeth, inflammation of the tonsil) diseases, gall bladder, liver, pancreas.

What happens? When damaged, the entire gastric mucosa of the stomach, suffer from its glands that produce components of gastric juice and the protective mucus and worse recovery processes of cells. As a result of disrupted the stomach, he ceases to cope with the digestion of food. In inflammation of the gastric mucosa increases its absorptivity, which often leads to intoxication of both the stomach and the whole organism.

The symptoms of gastritis

This is evident deterioration of general condition, rapid fatigue, reduced performance, especially with physical exertion. The pain and heaviness in the stomach after eating, belching. Heartburn - the first sign of gastritis. What is heartburn? This throw acid into the esophagus. The result is a burning sensation and pain in the esophagus. Heartburn may also occur in other diseases, such as a hernia of the esophagus.

In NNPTSTO developed a product that helps to cope with gastritis and gastroduodenitis, violations of the secretory activity of the pancreas. It is called Vedigest. In its composition, as mentioned above, includes green tea, two types of terminal (Kabul and belericheskaya, emblika drug, Althaea officinalis, papaya, licorice, dill. About the properties of green tea, terminals and embliki we have been told. Let's talk about the qualities of the other components "Vedigesta.

Althaea officinalis has expectorant, demulcent, anti-inflammatory properties, due to the content of mucous substances, starch and other substances of colloidal nature. These substances have a protective action and protect the nerve endings of the mucous membrane of the oropharynx and gastro - intestinal tract of different stimuli, contribute to slower absorption and longer duration of local action of various drugs. It is used primarily for diarrhea, acute gastritis, enterocolitis, ulcerative processes in the mucous membranes of the gastro - intestinal tract.

In papaya contains a group of digestive enzymes, as it is rich in vitamins B, B 2, B 3, C, amino acids, fruit acids, fatty acids and valuable trace elements. We know that papaya is used Maya and Aztecs, as it has long been used as a remedy in traditional medicine in Africa and Asia. It was believed that the papaya fruit have a beneficial effect on the human body: improve the function of gastro - intestinal tract, promote rapid recovery of strength after different diseases.

Currently, papaya has been used successfully by many scientists and doctors in the programs weight-loss due to the presence within it of a group of enzymes that contribute to the splitting of proteins, their more complete digestion and assimilation. Found that more fully digested proteins, the less fat the body absorbs. In addition, papaya, normalize digestion, prevents flatulence and burping, eliminates the pain and feeling unwell with abundant food intake, contributes to the regular work of the intestine and ultimately helps maintain the shape.

More recently, Japanese scientists made a presentation on the opening of a new vitamin, known as PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone). Over the past half century is the first new open scientists vitamin. PQQ will be the 14th in a series of known vitamins. The very substance of PQQ has been isolated from some plant substrates even in 1979 - m, over the years numerous experiments have established that it is a vitamin. The experiments were performed on mice from the diet were almost completely excluded products containing PQQ. Over time, the experimental mice were observed struction of the reproductive function and loss of wool. Scientists assume that a person PQQ can also affect reproductive functions. According to Japanese scientists, PQQ is found in fruits of papaya in a large quantity. Studies have shown that papaya is a good refresher in various diseases of the digestive tract, such as ulcers, colitis, gastritis, helps with constipation, and in diabetes reduces the need for insulin. In Western Europe, the fruits of papaya are used in medical practice as well as antibacterial, astringent.

Licorice root is used as an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, promotes the normalization of water - salt metabolism in the body. After analyzing thousands of prescriptions of Tibetan medicine, the researchers found that the most common charges used in licorice. It is believed that licorice root helps rejuvenate the body. One of the most remarkable of its properties is that it enhances the healing action of other herbs.

Dill smelly used as antispasmodic and carminative to improve bowel function.

In the study the effectiveness of "Vedigesta" attended 176 people with various disorders of the gastro - intestinal tract. Mean age-36 years. The duration of the study was 9 months. The survey was conducted by a gastroenterologist before and after application of "Vedigesta." Scheme was chosen by a tea reception 1 times a day for 8 weeks. The specific methods used observation, questionnaire method, endoscopic and pathomorphological study. The survey revealed that most of the reason for the visit to a doctor was gastric dyspepsia. Many complained about the heaviness and pain in the stomach after eating, belching, heartburn, bad breath.

As a result, studies of the properties "Vedigesta" determined that it is effective and can be used as a product, improves digestion and gastrointestinal motility - gastrointestinal tract. "Vedigest" appropriate to apply gastritis, gastric ulcer, gastroduodenitis, pancreatitis, psoriasis gastro - intestinal tract.

Finally I would like to say that man is what he eats. Do not forget about proper nutrition! This is one of the pillars on which underlies the health and longevity. If we do not want to have drugs as food, we should eat food as medicine. Back then, many diseases recede. What could be easier and more pleasant?


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