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Swine influenza. The symptoms are: Protection


A new threat to mankind - the swine flu!

In Mexico, signed a decree declaring the central regions of the country's state of emergency.The authorities have the right to isolate patients infected with deadly virus, to check their homes and to cancel any public events

Specific security measures are being taken in the U.S.. Responded and the Russian government - a government commission to prevent the spread of the virus in the territory of our country.

In all of Moscow's airports announced readiness for the introduction of anti-epidemic measures.At Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo and Domodedovo came disinfectant solutions for processing terminals and handrails in buses. Created insulators for receiving patients.

Many people in Mexico fear that may have already infected.Hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets in gauze bandages. Ministry of Education announced the end of classes in all schools in Mexico City. Closed restaurants, cafes, cinemas and theaters, museums and art galleries, libraries, concert halls.

Sunday's football matches, which were sold tens of thousands of tickets were held at empty stands.Even Mexico City church authorities allowed the faithful to hear the service on the radio!

To reduce the immunity may lead to: travels with an abrupt change of climate, the transition to summer / winter time change of an activity (work, education), unbalanced diet, change of residence, stress, chronic diseases, infections, and unhealthy lifestyle.

Company NNPTSTO offers products to enhance immunity

By modeling the drug is bioadditive "Force-BIO. The drink contains lecithin and vitamins we need for daily consumption. Bioadditive Forsey BIO "effective almost 100%. This is explained by the fact that it comes in powder form, which is soluble in water. "Force-BIO" accelerates the oxidative processes, increase the exchange of fats, the formation of hemoglobin and enhances efficiency. The drug has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and anti-allergic effect. It compensates for the deficiency of iron in the body and can be used for the prevention of cancer. If a diagnosis of cancer has been made, then supplements can be used in combination with other drugs to maintain the quality of life of cancer patients.
Use the Force-BIO is recommended for influenza and acute respiratory diseases, stress, depression, skin diseases, obesity, physical stress, after surgery or after illness to recuperate.Bioadditive can be used both for prevention of many diseases, and to strengthen the body after recovery.
Another unique tool for the restoration of the immune system - Oligopeptides № 7.He also, like "Force-BIO", is the immunomodulating drugs. OLIGOPEPTIDE 7 regulates immunity, increases the sensitivity of microbial cells to antibiotics and has a whole series of positive actions on the body:

To maintain immunity are advised to take another Supplements - "Witham". This product fills a lack of hemoglobin in the blood, a positive effect on reproductive performance, struggling with insomnia and helps a person to adapt to climate change. It is useful during various diseases and, naturally, for their prevention. This drug is suitable for those who for whatever reason do not consume meat. "Witham" in a unique way it replaces, as a good source of iron. It is known that lack of this element can lead to anemia.

A strong immune system - bail active longevity and protection from viruses!


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