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Depression. Causes. The symptoms are: Treatment

Many people in a certain period of his life experience depression. Therefore it is important to understand - what is depression? This is a disease that can affect anyone, sometimes very quickly - at any time and at any age. This does not mean that the patient would go mad or infect others.

Depression is often expressed in the overwhelming feelings of despair, hopelessness, helplessness and complete indifference to everything. It has both physical and psychological symptoms, including the very real physical pain.

While depression affects men and women, men are more likely to get rid of her, dipping his head in work, drinking, or sports. However, suffering from depression, their forces to withdraw from the clinical forms of this disease is very difficult. Must be persistent and long-term treatment. And yet the desire and belief in recovery!

Causes of depression: bereavement, serious illness, job loss, separation from a loved one, betrayal, participation in hostilities, change of residence and even the time of year.Found that the most frequent attacks of illness observed in the autumn. Not the last role is played by hereditary factors. In the presence of family cases of depression, the likelihood of ill it increases.

Symptoms of depression include: frustration, increased sensitivity, hostility to himself, guilt, sadness, indifference to his appearance, lack of confidence in ourselves and in others, failure to perform the work, thoughts of suicide, hallucinations.Are frequent, and physical symptoms: weight loss, loss of sexual desire, insomnia, forgetfulness, physical pain, as a result of which it is impossible to take food and drink.

Current treatment gives good results, although often a barrier to successful treatment is the reluctance of the patient to recognize his illness.The most common method of treatment is antidepressants. Most cases of depression caused by low levels of certain chemicals in the brain, to improve their content is often administered medication, which contributes to the disappearance of the symptoms of depression, but the termination of their acceptance often leads to relapse of the disease.
However, pharmacy antidepressants basically always synthetic and have many side effects: nausea, vomiting, reduced kidney function and liver in combination with certain drugs or alcohol can lead to death. Such drugs usually take effect only after 1-2 months, with the rate of admission is not less than 1 year.

Depression can lead to death, often at a very early age. Never be afraid to admit to feeling of depression is much more dangerous to ignore it and hope that it will pass by itself. The disease can exacerbate other diseases. And secondly, by itself depression poses a risk to human health.

There is another new way to fight depression - with the help of hormones. It is necessary to balance its internal hormones. In terms of the mood of the endocrine system, we can model ourselves and very quickly. Mood - not only our thoughts, it's a chemical reaction in the body to any action from the outside. All must have noticed that after eating chocolate, our mood rises. Why? Because the hormone is "happiness".

Hormones that affect our mood

  • Serotonin - the hormone of tone, of optimism and good mood. It is produced in the body after we ate chocolate, banana, pear, peanut, or persimmon.
  • Adrenaline - the hormone fear. Good to cheer.
  • Endorphin - the hormone of happiness, joy and euphoria. Appears after the exercise and sports exercises.
  • Dopamine - a hormone drive and pleasure. Produced after the results achieved, to which we aspired.
  • Oxytocin - a hormone tenderness, trust and care. It may be just the touch of a loved one.
  • Testosterone and estrogen - male and female hormones. Their love gives.

All of these hormones can be helpers in the fight against depression. Depending on what kind of hormone predominates in man, are called: endorfinschik, dofaminschik, adrenalinschik and testosteronschik.

NNPTSTO offers products for getting rid of depression

As a precaution it is recommended to take remedy Charm 1 capsule for 12 days.If depression has already manifested itself, the course should be extended. In contrast to conventional antidepressants CHARM starts in a few hours after ingestion. The tool can be combined with any medication, it is absolutely safe and not addictive. Take a natural antidepressant can be adults.Contraindication is allergy to grass, are part of the Bada.

We recommend all Rejuvenating mezokokteyli, comprising DMAE and amino acid complex.

Help to cope with negative moods and Candle of depression.
Good results were achieved when applying drink Kalmin, which includes a range of vitamins and minerals.
The drug Anirisan improve sleep, relieve anxiety, calm.

To date, distributed several ways to deal with depression:
1. Visit therapist

2. The use of pharmaceutical anti-depressants

3. Using natural supplements company NNPTSTO

4. Attention and care for neighbors of the sick person.

Take care of your health!


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