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Diseases of the eye. Causes. The symptoms are: Treatment


One day we suddenly notice that you're starting to see the bad. But this is not always associated with impaired function of the visual system. Very often, vision loss is the result of diseases of certain organs and lifestyle. For example, diabetes can lead to serious changes in the visual system, and even blindness. Working with a computer, television, lack of sleep and the environment - all this has a negative effect on our eyes.

Causes of eye diseases.Stress, food, water, medications, heredity, head injury and neck, age, ecology, parasitic infestation.

Symptoms of eye disease.Symptoms of eye diseases can be very diverse: redness, swelling, stinging, pain, burning, shroud, rainbow-colored circles, the abrupt loss of vision, tearing, discharge from the eyes, photophobia, poor visibility at dusk, a dark spot in front of his eyes, "" fly " .

Eye examination. Frequency..In normal vision eye exam should take place once a year. People suffering from eye diseases need to visit a specialist more often.

An experienced ophthalmologist can detect early signs of diseases such as glaucoma, hypertension and diabetes as fundus and retina. In addition, the doctor will draw conclusions about the general state of health.

Symptoms for diagnosing eye

  • Hypertension - narrowing of blood vessels in the eye.
  • Diabetes - hemorrhage, deposits on the retina.
  • Stroke - the narrowing of the vessels and the state of the retina.
  • Multiple sclerosis - fuzzy image of the object or doubles.
  • Elevated cholesterol levels - the state of ocular vessels.
  • How to cope with tired eyes, improve vision at home?

NNPTSTO offers a range of drugs for the prevention and treatment of various eye diseases

  • Myopia varying degrees (including progressing)
  • Cataract (clouding of the lens)
  • Primary glaucoma (in the adjuvant therapy)
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Central and peripheral retinal degeneration
  • Conjunctivitis (inflammation of the outer membrane of the eye)
  • Keratitis (inflammation of the cornea)
  • Blepharitis (inflammation of the edges of the century)
  • Myopic chorioretinitis (decreased vision)
  • Symptoms of "tired eyes"
  • Protection against radiation monitor

"Aloe Vera on Filatov" effectively helps with various eye diseases.Famous academician Filatov spent opening biogenic stimulators, which stimulate cell activity, promote healing and relieving inflammation many years of work. The result has justified itself. Drops for the eyes improves color perception, expand the boundaries of the field of view, have many useful properties. Extract raises unique regenerative processes at the tissue level. It relieves symptoms of "tired eyes" and protects them from radiation monitors, improves visual acuity, eye protection at high loads and protects against infectious eye diseases, helping to maintain good vision for many years. For prophylaxis should be buried two drops in each eye daily.

Oligopeptides № 14 - A unique tool for rejuvenation and restoration of the visual analyzer system slows the progression of myopia and hyperopia, prevents the development of cataracts and glaucoma.Apply oligopeptides need at hand, starting with 5 drops and gradually increasing the dosage to 12-15.

Syrup Sotka blueberry " - An excellent tool for the prevention of many eye diseases.Regular intake of syrup provides preventive reduce visual acuity. Its components protect the eyes from the adverse effects of long work behind a computer, watch television, relieve eye fatigue at high visual loads and contribute to improving the twilight view. The syrup is recommended to drink constantly. Use 1 teaspoon per day.

"Hrustalin" - Recommended for the treatment and prevention of cataracts and the prevention of age-related changes in the lens of the eye.
Cataract is one of the most common eye diseases and the leading cause of reversible blindness, and this applies both to the age of cataract, and congenital forms of this pathology.
Bury "Hrustalin" to 1 drop 3 times daily in each eye. The course of one to three months. If necessary, the drop can be used continuously.

BAA "Nitsiferol" a mixture of oils, cold pressed, which primarily reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and contributes to reduce the number of plaques in blood vessels.But the scope of the drug is not limited to combating diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Bioadditive has many other advantages. One - Improving the functions of the visual system with a decrease in vision. "Nitsiferol" is recommended to use during or after a meal, from two to five teaspoons a day. Apply to 2 teaspoons, 2 times a day.

What foods are good for eyes?
Carrots - a rich source of carotene (provitamin A). Juice of parsley is very helpful for eye diseases and optic nerve, conjunctivitis. Contained in the juice of parsley is secured to the blood vessels. Perfectly cleanses the blood and strengthens the eyes beets. Two tablespoons of juice is added to the juice of carrots and parsley. Rosehip - a leader in content of vitamin C, its daily use provides strength and elasticity of blood vessels. People who suffer from myopia, also useful hawthorn. It is rich in ascorbic acid and carotene. Hawthorn berries can brew tea. Rich in carotene, essential for the weakened eyes, a pumpkin. Positive impact on ocular apricots in any form: fresh fruit, juice, dried - dried apricots and dried apricots. Very useful to view blueberries. Nuts are a source of vitamin E, which is required for the formation of collagen and elastin fibers of the connective tissue, which is especially important when starting myopia.

I would like to add that a huge role in the prevention and treatment of eye diseases are exercises for the eyes and viewing stereograms.

Man receives 80% of information through visual perception.
Violation of view should be the occasion to see a doctor.

Take care of your eyes!


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