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Diarrhea. The symptoms are: Causes. Treatment


Everybody knows that fruits and vegetables are beneficial to health. Everyone knows that there are from unwashed fruit, but do not perform basic precautions. Analysts found that the "peak" of intestinal diseases is in the summer-autumn. This is understandable. Fruits, vegetables, berries. Hiking, cottages, picnics, where there is no possibility to wash produce. And the heat and humidity promotes the growth of bacteria. The result - diarrhea. Diarrhea or diarrhea occurs as a result of disruption of the digestive tract. This is the most common disorder. It can occur at any age and occurs in different ways.

Causes diarrhea
Use a very large number of fruit or milk during lactation, E. coli, receiving laxatives, alcohol intoxication, a very strong stress. This is explained by the fact that under stress in the blood to a lot of adrenaline, and it accelerates all processes, including digestion.

Loss of appetite, cramp and abdominal pain, bloating, rapid pulse, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, dry mouth, fever, dizziness.
Diarrhea is dangerous because as a result of dehydration disturbed fluid and electrolyte balance, which can lead to death. After dehydration with loss of calcium and magnesium increases the load on the heart. And in the body at this time is the rapid multiplication of bacteria, and products of their activities are poisoning the body.

First aid for diarrhea
Wash the stomach. To do this, you can prepare a pale pink solution of potassium permanganate or sodium. Shampooing should be done in the first 6 hours. This procedure, performed through the day will not bring benefits. Helps drug "Regidron. Standard admission - 50 ml per 1 kg. weight. It is recommended to buy "Diaroton" company NNPTSTO. This is a combined-natural product that quickly relieve the symptoms of diarrhea.It effectively acts on several fronts: normalizes intestinal activity, accelerates the elimination of toxins, reduces inflammation of the gastric mucosa, eliminates the pain symptom.
If diarrhea is accompanied by fever and severe vomiting, an urgent need to call a doctor.

Precautionary measures
Whether infectious diarrhea? Itself is not contagious diarrhea. Infection occurs by ingestion of the person's mouth Escherichia coli (infection) or bacteria.
This is especially true in the summer. Perishable food must be stored in the refrigerator. A temperature of 20 degrees C foods can keep no more than 2 hours. The heat and humidity create a perfect environment for breeding bacteria. Their number increased thousands of times. It is necessary to monitor the shelf life of food products and not to use products that have expired shelf life.

Most importantly - be yourself and teach your family to perform basic hygiene standards. It's so easy! But you will be sure that you do not visit diarrhea.


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