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Products NNPTSTO. Questions and answers


Do you have a question?We have the answer!

- With the help of some products can get rid of Staphylococcus aureus?

- You can do this with drug WIRTH A.

- Lately I just can not get rid of bad mood.Always feel undue anxiety. What is the product of the company's arsenal NNPTSTO you can recommend me to get rid of this condition?

- Take CHARM + and your mood to normal.

- Strong hurt the kidneys.However, the use of drugs NNPTSTO does not work. What do you advise?

- It is necessary to conduct a survey on the subject nephroptosis and hydronephrosis.

- Oligopeptides, Balsams in the placenta VIRTA, anti-aging line VIRTA have annotations footnote on placental basis of these products.Please clarify whether this animal origin of the placenta, or is abortativnym material rights.

- The placenta, which creates products NNPTSTO, plant.

- What was the scheme to take complex Leader-PACK, if a woman has high blood pressure, as well as in another case - if you have strokes and heart attacks?

- Need to take one drug per month.

- Which product should be taken with prostate adenoma?


- Can take news after heart surgeries (CABG, and angioplasty MKSH)?How long?

- Yes, six months.

- Women 72 years.Which drug will help with cancer of the liver stage 3-4? Irradiation and chemotherapy was not. No pains. Drainage of the liver with the outflow of bile. There are no medications not prescribed.

- It makes sense to take OMELIGNIN, Jaguars and tea drink AMIROVEDA.

- Woman, 32, smokes a lot.Feels unpleasant heavy sensation in the lungs, have shortness of breath, coughing in the morning - lack of energy, quick fatigue, apathy, etc. He wants to quit, but until the stock is no drug NIKOTINORM. What you can drink away now to improve the state?

- The best way to rejuvenating MEZOKOKTEYL and drink tea RESPITON.

- Man, 50, papilloma in the armpits and neck.Can you please tell what is better to take drugs in order to remove them?

- Force-BIO, oligopeptides № 7 and BERAKSOTEN. From the papillomas can be removed with laser surgery.

- I had a cancerous breast tumor, after a course of irradiation with the development of oncology stopped.Can I apply in this case Oligopeptides? For example, № 7, 10, 11.

- Yes, oligopeptides can be used. Recommended to supplement their drugs-onkoprotektorami.

- Can I receive news after undergone surgery related to cancer?After a time? Chemotherapy is passed.

- Can be applied immediately after chemotherapy.

- Girl, 19 years old.Since the birth of a diagnosis: chronic pyelonephritis and renal insufficiency (now grade IV), and four years ago, the kidneys failed, and she got on gemodealiz (artificial kidney). What drugs taken in this case?

- It is necessary to take Jade +.

- Prompt, whether after a severe concussion apply News or DERMABYUTI?

- You can, but under the strict supervision of specialists.

- Can I receive news and DERMABYUTI parallel?

- No, take these drugs can only sequentially.

- Whether the oligopeptides are combined with drugs NEWS, DERMABYUTI and mezokokteylem VIRTA Neo?

- With preparations NEWS and DERMABYUTI they are not combined, but with mezokokteylyamy - completely.

- Tell me, please, can I replace the PAC in the NCP, if the PAC is not in stock?

- Yes, you can make a similar replacement. But the PA period not exceeding two weeks.

- Tell me, please, on the basis of what the placenta - biological or animal origin - produced balms placental series?

- They are produced by the placenta of biological origin.

- In my neck has doubled the number of moles, papillomas.How to deal with them?

- Use immunomo-dulyatorami and onkoprotektorami (Oligopeptides № 7, VLADONIKS, VITONK, BERAKSOTEN, OMELIGNIN).

- Why all the drinks company, except for bathing, are made on the dry milk, and all the chewy candy VIRTA for calcium carbonate?

- It is connected with the peculiarities of production technology.

- What are the contraindications have to receive DERMABYUTI?

- Arterial hypertension.

- How long can I use peptide Bioregulators developed by the Institute of Gerontology?

- Maximum - up to three months (classical scheme - 20 days), two to four times a year.

- What are the frequency and duration of production of "quality of life"?

- Two times a year for three months.

- Can you please tell the difference between DERMABYUTI and MELABYUTI?And can we apply them to people with the heredity of cancer?

- The difference lies in mezodobavkah comprising the above-mentioned drugs (mezoflavon/mezoflavon-2), as well as immunomodulatory supplements (Oligopeptides number 7/ekstrakty shiitake and Reishi). These products have gero-and onco-protective properties.

- Why is the packaging and in the annotations do not always specify the amount of content preparation?

- Note this information is not mandatory.

- What time should pass between doses DERMABYUTI and STEMLAYN?

- They can be taken without a break.

- I understand that acceptance DERMABYUTI made to enhance production of melatonin - "Night" hormone.Then why is recommended to use this medication in the morning?

- Take DERMABYUTI recommended in the morning due to the fact that it was in this period of time the vessels respond better to the drug, the effects are mild. And in the event of the evening reception can take place increasing pressure.

- Male (59 years) that's 24 years suffers from arteriosclerosis of the lower limbs (amputated big toes). On April 21 last year he had to be amputated phalanx of the second finger of his right leg.Recommend products NNPTSTO with which could restore blood circulation in the legs!

- NITSIFEROL, AKTOSIL, VENTFORT and Oligopeptides number used.


Коррекция веса

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Коктейль Грация - полезное питание для всех
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Болезни. Лечение

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