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Doctors against dietary supplements?


Why do so many doctors are against dietary supplements?

The use of dietary supplements - the most effective, safe form of prevention and health improvement. Supplements are useful and necessary to compensate for the body of vitamins and minerals. It is a fact. Non-profit Organisation Where to consume more dietary supplements, there is less sold drugs. And it's also a fact.

Preventing the use of food additives by itself at the national level leads to reduced consumption of drugs, therefore, to falling revenues from their sale. Guess who benefits? According to analysts, is why many doctors are against dietary supplements because "Tied" to pharmacies. The second reason why doctors are afraid Supplements - health care workers do not receive proper education regarding the possibility of using dietary supplements to maintain health. The third reason - is still an open question: whether the health workers to disseminate biological additives?

Doctors NNPTSTO - for dietary supplements!

But the company NNPTSTO all different! Among the partners of many practitioners who use themselves and recommend it to their patients and get positive results.

Chairs the Group's Peter A. Soldatenkov, Education - Physician-pharmacist, surgeon and lawyer. Many of his design, made even before the creation NNPTSTO are well known to a wide range of people and are in great demand in pharmacies.

NNPTSTO created by Russian scientists in 2005.Collaborates with leading research institutes: the Institute of Brain, Institute of Gerontology, 1st Medical Institute - Military Medical Academy. Kirov Academy of Cancer.

At the IV National Congress of the partners were represented by the best minds of the updated research department of the Group. It consists of specialists of Saint-Petersburg Military Medical Academy (VMA), Vladimir Salamatov, Ivan and Igor Khabarov Puris.

Director of the St. Petersburg Institute biorgeulyatsii and Gerontology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Khavinson Vladimir Khatskelevich, MD, is engaged in development of peptides. The company has been first 8 oligopeptides, then 20, now add three more.

Guest lectures and doctors about the products

  • When the seminar was held in Orenburg, doctors in white coats right up on stage and then, with the participation of numerous public, held a round table. For example, a pediatrician Irina Farafontova told at what age and in what dosage of dietary supplements can be administered to children as a therapist of the highest category Eugene Gushchina - prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases with drugs NNPTSTO. A similar format was first tested in Orenburg and caused great interest from colleagues in other regions.
  • Seminar in the city of Stavropol was held in early June 2011 and was sold out! Great interest in attending the lecture of doctor-nutritionist IV Tsatsinskoy. Physio-reflex NE Gorbunkova spoke of the "Center of Tibet medicine." The seminar received an answer to the question: "What do I need to do to be on our toes."
  • In October 2010, in Samara, the seminar company. I remember the doctor's performance in the third generation NA Sevastyanova. She spoke about her relationship to dietary supplements. Resulted in a vivid example of the healing of his father and in the conclusion of his speech said: "Do not forget the supplements!"
  • For those who care about their skin will be interesting lecture for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine Maria Petrova. The lectures she will tell a lot of useful information about cosmetic procedures in the home.
  • A cosmetician Natalia Nikolaeva demonstrated at his master class of modern methods of rejuvenation. Told about the secrets of how to stop premature aging. You can take part in workshops and master classes with Natalia Nikolaeva, "Features of caring for aged skin with makeup VIRTA Fleur» and features hair care products with NNPTSTO. These events are held every Friday at 16.00 in the Moscow office of the Group. Welcome to our English Club!


To help partners of the Group companies

In many Dealer centers of NNPTSTO regularly attend lectures and consult doctors. Partners Group of Companies can get answers to your questions and learn many new and interesting information on the application of products.

To help partners to video "Speech Ryzhak Galina.Ryzhak - p rofessor, MD, Deputy Director for Science and New Technologies of St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, Medical Sciences.

The developers of scientific-research department NNPTSTO - doctors with years of experience - have introduced such a concept as complex application, which is and should be followed for best results.

The publication "Combining products NNPTSTO" PA Soldatenkova should be required reading for networkers. The book contains patterns of use of drugs in various diseases.

A toll-free hotline through which you can get timely information and answers to questions regarding the use of drugs and projects NNPTSTO from specialists. In addition, e-mail address can obtain individual advice of experts of the research department of the Group companies for product application.


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