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Oligopeptides. FAQ


At what age can apply oligopeptides?
Oligopeptides can be used from 13-16 years, the end of hormonal alteration of the organism.

How often and how long you can use oligopeptides?
Running oligopeptides of single rooms for 2-3 months. The course is recommended 2-3 times per year.

Can I combine oligopeptides with hormonal drugs?
Yes you can. Despite the fact that hormonal drugs and oligopeptides have a protein nature, mechanism of action different from them.

Can I use oligopeptides diabetics?
It is possible, but at a lower dosage.

What oligopeptides? Tsitaminy and oligopeptides - this one and the same?
Oligopeptides - a high molecular weight compounds, low molecular weight proteins. Tsitaminy and oligopeptides - is virtually the same. Our oligopeptides - analogs (copies) of natural regulatory peptides, tsitaminy - artificially selected sequences of amino acids that make up the peptides.

What the origin of oligopeptides - plant, animal or artificial?
Currently, the European Parliament accepts only synthetic oligopeptides.

Oligopeptides levogyrate or dextrorotatory? Refine it, please.
Oligopeptides levogyrate our production by more than 70%.

What distinguishes the action of herbal teas and oligopeptides? Can they be used simultaneously - for example, OLIGOPEPTIDE 5 and teas "Balance", "Danko", etc.?
Phytotea work at the level of biochemistry, oligopeptides - at the level of the cell nucleus. Together they can apply.

Can I use oligopeptides athletes?
Yes you can. Oligopeptides are not doping.

It is said that you can not take oligopeptides in oncology. Very often people are unaware of its presence. Could their drug to accelerate the development of the tumor?
Stronger growth of cancer cells or in experimental studies or in the clinic was not observed.

Can I apply OLIGOPEPTIDE 5 patients with asthma and allergies?
Yes, it is possible. But be careful, because an allergic reaction can occur at anything.

Is pregnancy a contraindication to the use of oligopeptides?
Right. Pregnancy - a time of intense hormonal changes in body and vigorous growth of cells, including stem, so the extra growth factor, what are the oligopeptides, during pregnancy is unnecessary and could violate such a delicate and complex process of fetal development.

Can oligopeptides cause acute diseases?
Oligopeptides stimulate the process of restructuring and renewal of tissues, which may be accompanied by a temporary aggravation. Normally, such a phenomenon may take up to four weeks. If after this time, no improvement is observed, then the reception oligopeptides to cancel.

Is OLIGOPEPTIDE 6 (liver) helps with all types of hepatitis, and even hepatitis C?
In some cases, yes, when combined with OLIGOPEPTIDE 7 and tea "Jaguar".

Can I use oligopeptides with endometriosis? If yes, what?
In endometriosis can be used almost all oligopeptides, except number number 8, 10, 11.

Can I use oligopeptides local action after cardiac surgery (bypass)?
Very carefully! When arrhythmias should abolish their use.

A woman 54 years of hyperthyroidism. Kapala to 12 drops OLIGOPEPTIDE 8, at the 10 th day a very severe swelling of both feet, pain. Could these phenomena be triggered by the use of this drug?
No, but the dose should be reduced to 5-6 drops. If the situation is not resolved - abort.

Began using OLIGOPEPTIDE 18 for muscle tissue. Two weeks later, calves feet increased in size, feel very uncomfortable.
The process of updating the cells and tissues. Immune system is expressed in the temporary aggravation. It is recommended to reduce the dose of three.

What oligopeptides shown in mastopathy?
We recommend using OLIGOPEPTIDE 11 (low molecular weight mammoprotektorny peptide).

After surgery for cancer have been six months. Blood is good. Concerned about the cracks on the fingers, severe dryness. Can I apply OLIGOPEPTIDE 3?
Yes you can.

Is silicone breast contraindication for the use of oligopeptides?
Direct no contraindications, but the application is not desirable.

What oligopeptides recommended for sensorineural hearing loss?
Oligopeptides number number 4, 5, 15.

After applying OLIGOPEPTIDE 6 on the third day tachycardia in two patients - 40 and 60 years. What should I do in this situation?
We recommend reducing the dose.

What oligopeptides may help to paralysis of his left hand, left leg?
We recommend using OLIGOPEPTIDE 4 (low-molecular neuroprotective peptide).

Can I use oligopeptides during folding of the gall bladder?
Yes, it is possible. We recommend using OLIGOPEPTIDE 6 (low-molecular hepatoprotective peptide).

What oligopeptides may facilitate state at posthimioterapevticheskom stomatitis?
In this case, can help OLIGOPEPTIDE 13 (low molecular weight stomatoprotektorny peptide) and OLIGOPEPTIDE 7 (low molecular immunoregulatory peptide).


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