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Instructions for use oligopeptides. Contraindications.


How to use oligopeptides

Apply oligopeptides with № 3 № 20 of to the forearm, rubbing into the skin of his hands.To begin the application is recommended with 6-8 drops, increasing the daily dosage of one drop to 12-15 drops. Oligopeptides № 1 and № 2 are applied to problem areas.

To begin the application oligopeptides preferably with one or two positions, not more. However, during each subsequent month you can connect another two oligopeptide. For example, in April, you're dropping two oligopeptide, in May, start to drip two others. In total, obtained for four. In June connect two more. At the same time at about the same time end oligopeptides that you started to drip in April. It means that in the months that you are not dropping more than six pieces.

Dosing Oligopeptides during the day

Time of day for the use of oligopeptide does not matter. He will start working after a few minutes after application.

At the same time of day can be applied two oligopeptide. One drop on one hand, the second - on the other. First, there is a process of replenishment of the body missing peptides. Then perhaps a slight worsening of the problem. After that, the organ or system on which you are influenced by oligopeptide, begin to work better. Oligopeptides normalize their function.

Use oligopeptides need for two or three months

Then around the same time (two to three months) to take a break. It does not matter, you oligopeptides used to prevent or to restore lost functions of any organ. After the break, the use of oligopeptides can continue. In a mature and especially in old age is recommended to use them regularly, constantly repeating the course application.

Side effects of oligopeptides

In applying the oligopeptides are certain points which we should pay attention. Thus, oligopeptides number 5 is not recommended for use in the following cases:
1. after a massive heart attack;
2. in all types of arrhythmias;
3. after cardiac surgery.
With great care to use oligopeptides for functional recovery of the body, which was operated on. Most likely, the recovery process of his work will proceed much more disruptive than if you use oligopeptides to prevent or before surgery. During the application of oligopeptide if the body operated on, it may be very uncomfortable. In this case, the dosage will have to reduce or completely eliminate the use of oligopeptide. However, in such a situation, there is a solution: we recommend taking advantage of peptide bioregulators issued by the Center for rejuvenation technology in conjunction with the Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, RAMS NWB.
In systemic diseases oligopeptides will also apply with great caution or not at all to give them up. (Systemic diseases - diseases in which the system is affected tissue, often coupling). These conditions include: systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatism, adrenal disease, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases and others.
In autoimmune diseases oligopeptides № 7 (for rejuvenation and restoration of the immune system) and number 8 (for the restoration of hormonal metabolism) can not be used. Other positions can be used, but, again, with great caution. At the slightest deterioration being used oligopeptides will need to interrupt.

Combining oligopeptides with peptide bioregulators (tsitomaksy)

Synthetic peptides comprising the oligopeptides NNPTSTO, work quickly, so first you need to use them. Then had to use peptides of animal origin - peptide bioregulators because they act more softly and smoothly.
For example, within one month should prokapat oligopeptides, and within the next month may be applied peptide bioregulator. Then it is necessary to make a break for about three months, after which they can continue the course of the same scheme.
With all the other products NNPTSTO oligopeptides and peptide Bioregulators (tsitomaksy) are compatible, because they have different mechanisms of action.


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