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Bee products. Application


Honeybee - a unique creature. And for its thin wings is a whole evolutionary era length in 50 million years. Bee has survived even when the mammoths died. Man - "crown of nature" with a history of development of 5 million years, still unable to solve all the mysteries of the bee family.

Bee products can be divided into two groups:
Saturation. They saturate the body of macro-and micronutrients, vitamins and amino acids. These include honey bee obnozhka, royal jelly, ambrosia.
Regulations. They normalize the physiological activity of the organs throughout the body. Update and enliven the body, are the catalyst for all metabolic processes.

What is bee products and their role in human life
  • Honey - this is the nectar of plants treated with the enzyme bees (saliva). Honey has been known since ancient times and has always been used to treat various diseases.
  • Propolis - propolis. It is obtained by adding the resin bees kidney Plant secret of their glands. Propolis - a natural antibiotic, which has antiviral, antibacterial effects, protects the body from radiation and the growth of cancer cells.
  • Bee obnozhka - pollens. It is a heavy sticky pollen Entomophilous plants enriched enzymes bees. The composition of bee obnozhki unique - more than 250 micro, 32 acids (essential and nonessential).
  • Perga - "bee bread," hlebina. This canned honey bee enzyme composition obnozhka laid and rammed the bees honeycomb, which took place lactic fermentation. Perga produced by bees in limited quantities, and it can not be artificially produced.
  • What is royal jelly, and what are its healing properties. Royal jelly is called "royal jelly. The composition of royal jelly: protein - 30%, carbohydrates - 17%, trace elements -1%. Compositionally it is close to human blood plasma, so absorbed quickly and completely. This product improves all parts of the body, enhances immunity, and is a great antioxidant.
  • Beeswax - a product of the wax glands of bees. It contains about 300 components required for normal life of people.
  • Bee venom has a high penetrating ability. Penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, it heals wounds, relieves pain and inflammation.

All bee products have great dietary value. Need person per day - 600 different ingredients. We get only 250-300. Consequently, the missing substance one should get outside with food. Here and come to the aid of dietary supplements with honey. Bee products work more efficiently if they merged into complexes. To do this, create a honey composition: honey with herbs, with pollen, Propolis, with berries.

Currently, many companies produce products of beekeeping. This NNPTSTO, Tentorium, Inc. Mishkin Honey, Apifito.

Company NNPTS Technology Rejuvenation offers a series of honey-tracks - 53 species in a certain direction.

Bees are people energized, the charge of the sun and the charge of the summer! Use this invaluable product.


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