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How to choose the right honey?


Honey - Is a very valuable food.It consists of about 300 nutrients in it are almost all the chemical elements necessary for normal functioning organism, which digested by 100%.

How to distinguish real from a fake honey
When you buy honey in a shop, pay attention to the GOST 19792-2001.This Technical Conditions for honey.
When you buy honey in the market there are many ways and tests that help distinguish between natural honey from the fake.

In appearance
Each variety of honey has its own color. Everybody knows it. Pure honey without impurities should be transparent, what color would it was not. If honey has in its composition additives (sugar, starch, chalk, flour), it is muddy, it can visually detect the residue.
If the honey during storage is divided into two layers (the lower part of thick, while the upper liquid), then honey immature. This honey can sour. This honey of low quality, it lacks the enzymes bees.

Its flavor and
This differs honey sweet aroma. This scent with nothing comparable, and it is difficult to forge. Honey mixed with sugar, has no such flavor.
Pure, ripe honey a little "stings the throat".

As viscosity
Put in a container a thin stick. If this is a real honey, he runs after a stick long continuous thread, and when this thread is interrupted, it will completely sink, forming on the surface of honey tower, pagoda, which is then slowly disperse.
False, honey behave like glue: to be abundantly drain and drip down from the sticks, forming a spray.
It should be a tablespoon to scoop up the honey and quickly turn it around its axis. Ripe honey will be dimmed on the spoon, and immature honey will drain from it. This is one of the most common way of assessing the honey.
If you are offered in the winter had not yet thickened honey, is either a sugar syrup, or it was fueled yesterday. Qualitative honey at the end of autumn should thicken.

For consistency
In this honey, she is thin, tender. Med easily rubs between his fingers and absorbed into the skin. Do fake honey rough structure, with the grinding on the fingers remain lumps.

On the contents of impurities
On a sheet of paper, which absorbs moisture, Drip honey.If it will be spread over the paper, forming a wet spot - it is a fake honey.
Take red-hot wire (stainless steel) and put it in the honey. If the wire will remain clean - natural honey. If it remains sticky mass - before you fake.
If you omit a piece of bread in honey for 10 minutes and the bread soften, then a sugar syrup. And if the bread hardens - this is real, undiluted honey.
It is necessary to smear honey on a piece of paper. And honey strip write something indelible. Manifested label blue evidence that the presence of moisture in honey.
In a small amount of honey, diluted with water, add a drop of iodine. If this solution turns blue, in front of you honey with starch or flour.
It is necessary to dissolve the honey in water in a ratio of 1:2. If the solution turns turbid and after some time on the bottom will fall out sediment, then it's not real honey, and forgery.
If a solution of honey with water (1:2), add vinegar, and it will hiss, then the honey was added to chalk.
If a 5-10 percent solution of honey to add a small amount of silver nitrate drops and a white precipitate, it is evidence that the honey is added sugar.

The storage of honey
Honey stored in glass, an earthenware, porcelain, ceramic and wooden utensils.
Honey may be stored in a metal pot, because acids contained in its structure, can give oxidation. It will increase the content of heavy metals in it, and to reduce nutrients. This honey can lead to poisoning.

Dosing honey
In the composition of honey is 80% fructose and sucrose, it is rich in vitamin C, in addition, it contains almost all minerals.Therefore, using the honey with warm water or heating the candied honey, do not take the temperature to 60 degrees. At temperatures above 60 degrees the structure of honey dissolves, changing the color, aroma vanishes, destroys vitamins. In short, the honey turns into a sweet syrup, which has no healing power.


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