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Power drop


Everyone has heard about the "live" and "dead water". Living water can cure diseases, that is what it is sometimes called panacea. The mechanism of its action on the human body due to the volume of energy and information which it contains. Sometimes, as scientists say, there is an effect of placebo (self-hypnosis).

In recent years, the unique properties of water were intently studying the scientists of many countries. It is proved that water can carry information, but she still can gather from the environment both positive and negative energy. Now the tale of "live" and "dead" water got their scientific justification.

This is a unique discovery! Using a special device (matrix storage), the conditions under which the water energy storage and information is many times faster. As a result, even a small amount of water may create a huge amount of energy. Programmed so the water works in the body at the cellular level. It updates all the most important systems of the human body: immune, nervous and tissue.Status of human improvement, increases immunity and is rejuvenation. The body gets rid of the slag, toxins and free radicals. The vessels are cleared of plaque.

What is the power drops?

Bioenergy drops - a centuries-old experience of people in conjunction with modern knowledge and technology. The great work in the field of natural energy, energy fields and their effects on the human body.

Application of bio-energy drops

  • allergies

  • cardio-vascular

  • arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, low back pain

  • pathology of hearing and vision (congenital and acquired)

  • parasitic infections (staphylococci, worms, bovine tapeworm, tapeworm)

  • skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, diathesis, atopic dermatitis)

  • diseases of internal organs

  • reproductive disorders

  • alopecia, premature graying

Fitness effects on the human body is the result of the accumulation of huge amount of energy. That it is accelerating the regeneration and recovery processes, which leads to a change of biological age.

The body gets energy from the biosphere to such an extent as it occurs at a young age. As a result - the rejuvenation on the physical and biological levels.

Energokapli are not chemical, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements or medicines. This is a completely new form of the product. Therefore, they can be successfully combined with medication. This will only exacerbate the effect treatment of the patient body.

Mode of application

Receiving water Energokaplyami are encouraged to periodically morning, afternoon and evening of 250-300 milliliters before meals. The total number of water a day Energokaplyami 1-1,5 liters. These drops can be added to hot drinks. Dosage - 2 energokapli 1,5 liters of water. Course admission - month.

Drops of losing their wonderful properties when heated above 40 degrees. Remember this! In the process of taking the drug may be a temporary worsening of the disease. This should not become an excuse discontinuation of funds.

Contraindications: None.

It should be noted that the drop in energy has not yet been sufficiently studied. You must know that the energy water and its effectiveness is largely dependent on how I felt when a person accepts it. Specialists of alternative medicine argue that the cure for ailments, a person must necessarily be a positive attitude and faith in the product.

Bioenergy drops can give humanity hope to gain health, harmony and active longevity.


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