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Healthy lifestyle. Books. Journals



Here is the most popular books, articles and magazines about health, illness and medicine. Authors of books have tried and have collected the most valuable information about medicinal plants, about diseases and methods for their treatment of the people's means.

Are you interested in questions:

What is a healthy lifestyle and healthy food?

How to make drugs at home?
Where to get raw materials? How to use drugs?

What is their dosage and treatment?
What medications to use in a particular case?

Contraindications and side effects?

Then read, study, apply. These books deserve to occupy an honored place in your home library.

Messenger "Healthy Lifestyle"

Mr. azeta about healthy lifestyles.It is based on materials on nutrition, treatment of diseases, including those considered to be heavy, non-traditional methods. Newspaper "HLS" consists mostly of letters from readers who share their experiences cure various diseases, write reviews, and recommendations on the use of various drugs and folk remedies.

Valentina Mikhailovna Blade of grass

These books Valentine blade of grass, a famous healer, wrote many years. They provide answers to the questions posed to her readers.

  • "P etsepty grandmother Grass".Here you will find here everything that excites people today: from the delicious and very healthy dishes to how to protect from harm tion influence of geopathic zones. And yet there is advice on how to get rid of the evil eye-damage. After reading this book, you'll be able to develop their psychic and healing abilities.

  • "The path to health." Amazing detail intuitive knowledge of the author of the laws of nature, medicine and physiology. The combination of all these components ensures the harmony of the human body.

  • "How beautiful is this world, watch.This book Pomo Jette achieve good results in improving the view, without resorting to drugs.


Gennady Malakhov

He combined that modern doctors did not think to combine, - medicine and religion, medicine and the occult. In his unique work, he wrote, but in practice has proved that the physiological treatment does not extinguish the divine. T hese concepts are complementary and provide harmony and balance in the body.And this is the path to health and active longevity. In this literature, given the composition, method of application and storage conditions of drugs prepared from medicinal herbs and plants.

Library Gennady Malakhov great:

  • Life without parasites
  • Cleansing the body and health
  • Rejuvenation and restoration of the body
  • Improvement - the way of life
  • Health tips for every day in 2006
  • The mystery and hidden meaning of Malakhov
  • Women's health: it is every woman should know
  • Men's health: treatment and prevention of diseases
  • A healthy spine - a beautiful posture, good health
  • Water live


Mirzakarim Norbekov

Best known system was due to the methodology for the Advancement of view after the publication of the book "The experience of the fool, or the key to enlightenment." One of the main health effects of Norbekov - rapid recovery of vision (1dioptriya a period of 3 to 6 days). System Norbekov now sometimes criticized for "psevdotselitelnost", as well as for possible injury. The author considers possible method of using self-hypnosis, psychological exercises, as well as physical training to subordinate the body's natural ability to self-regulation and self-healing directly to the will of man.

  • "The road to the youth and health"

  • "Exercise mind and body,

  • "Exercise of intuitive thinking,

  • "Lessons Norbekov"

  • "The experience of the fool, or the path to enlightenment."



Today it became clear to everybody that if properly and systematically applying the natural medicines not only strengthen and rejuvenate the body, but also effectively treated with any, even the most severe disease.
In these books contains unique, proven recipes of traditional medicine for centuries, really healed millions of people from disease, not clogging up with the body of synthetic drugs.

  • "The treatment of diseases of the kidneys and urinary system,

  • "Treatment and prevention of women's diseases",

  • "Treatment of pulmonary diseases.


Nikolai Amosov

He is the idol of many.This is a great man with a deep analytical analysis. Get to know him better. He describes the simple principles of maintaining health and rejuvenation of the human body as a whole.Read his book:

  • D ve tale and,

  • "P azdumya about health e" .


Boris Bolotov

April 7, 1990 Russian Academy of Boris Bolotov awarded the honorary title "People's Academy. Despite its age, the scientist continues to work.

  • "Steps to Longevity yu".After reading the book, you learn to maintain the internal organs and systems in a healthy state, impact on them at the cellular level.You can get rid of salts, toxins and impurities, using the properties of gastric juice; restore frail bodies, combining bathing procedures and diet of offal and medicinal roots; learn how to prepare a unique "with impurities Bolotov.

  • "H EALTH rights in an unhealthy world of e".A new book by Boris Vasilyevich Bolotov is based on the unique experience of the author. In it you will find the whole scientific system, because Bolotov - scientist, chemist, physicist, biologist, a man of wide horizons, the author of more than 600 inventions.

  • "I'll teach you not to get sick and do not grow old b".This brochure is based on the author's lecture materials, interviews, published in the press, the summary information from the manuscript of "Immortality - it's real." About to be extremely useful for anyone concerned with their health status.The text is presented mainly in the form of interviews: questions - answers. This form of presentation of the text more understandable to the reader NAI wells.

  • A pteka health in the swamps near.This is a universal reference le chebnyh products created by the Academy.All funds are based on the use of enzymes of lactic acid fermentation of medicinal plants.Their preparation and application is simple and accessible ensured. Basis pharmacy Bolotov - aqua regia, through which you can slow down aging and prevent many diseases due to acidification of the body.


UV Tatura

  • "In the course of face and body.Subtleties, tricks and secrets.The skin is the fat and the largest part of the body, which is in continuous operation throughout life. Condition of the skin depends largely on age, nutrition, environment and lifestyle. Its healthy and blooming - the result of well-being and permanent care. With this book, you can suspend the natural aging of the skin and return the elusive youth.

  • "F itnes.Subtleties, tricks, and secret s.Good shape and harmony - the dream of any man. Correction figures (getting rid of excess fat) without drugs, operations, and possible starvation. Balanced diet and appropriate physical exercise - that's the secret of successful fat reduction.


Heal yourself!


Коррекция веса

Коктейль Грация - полезное питание для всех
Коктейль Грация - полезное питание для всех
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Простые белковые коктейли. Рецепты
Простые белковые коктейли. Рецепты
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Продукты с высоким содержанием белка
Продукты с высоким содержанием белка
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Болезни. Лечение

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Что лучше купить: Популин или Экорсол от компании АРГО? Отзывы
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Хавинсон в программе «Дом ученых» на канале Россия 1
 Хавинсон в программе «Дом ученых» на канале Россия 1
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Скажи НЕТ паразитам! Противопаразитарный препарат. Купить
Скажи НЕТ паразитам! Противопаразитарный препарат. Купить
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Эффективное средство при выпадении волос
Эффективное средство при выпадении волос
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Что такое коллаген?
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Как правильно выбрать помаду? Советы
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