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Red palm oil. Application



Homeland red oil palm is West Africa. The fruits of the red palm tree grow large clusters, and the number of fetuses in these clusters of up to 2000. Red palm oil is produced from the fruit flesh around the bones. Bones also are harvested for the production of various drugs. In 1917 he started growing trees in plantations. Producer of red palm oil - the company United Plantations Bhd. It produces "Zlata Palma - Exclusive» Nutromin.
Moscow State University of food found a way to store oil red palm:
store should be at a temperature of 18-25 degrees C in the dark, dry place. At a temperature of 4-6 degrees C this oil becomes cloudy, immobile state. Palm oil during the transition from liquid to solid and vice versa, their chemical properties do not change.

Red palm oil has a very broad spectrum of action.It helps restore the cardiovascular system to the smallest capillaries, blood pressure, improves vision, helps to cure arthritis, arthrosis, and, improves the digestive tract, positive effect on the nervous and brain activity.

Composition of the Red Palm Oil:
Vitamin E in active form (tocopherol and tokotrienol); coenzyme Q10 (coenzyme - accelerator protein ubiquinone - omnipresent); vitamin A (retinol).

The role of vitamin E in humans
Helps absorption of vitamins A and B.
Antioxidants neutralize free radicals.
Improves skin texture, prevents aging.
Positively influence the composition of red blood cells.
Normalizes blood pressure, reduces swelling.
Prevents thrombus.

Symptoms of vitamin E deficiency: muscle weakness, anemia, reduced fertility.

The role of coenzyme Q10dlya Rights
The carrier of energy and cheerfulness.
Powerful antioxidant. And for that antioxidants work, it is necessary that they were in the complex. Such synergy is between vitamin E and ubiquinone Q10.
Improves the many parts and organs.

Symptoms of a lack of coenzyme Q10: fatigue, lethargy, malaise, frequent colds.

The role of vitamin A in human life
Inhibits the aging process.
Reduces the risk of heart disease
Improves the immune system.
Improves the digestive tract.
Blocks the formation of tumors.
Improves visual acuity.

Symptoms of vitamin A: dry skin and mucous, night blindness, low immunity, growth retardation in children, brittle hair and nails.

Indicators to use red palm oil
Cardiovascular disease (ischemia, varicose veins, heart failure, angina, atherosclerosis, arrhythmia).
Skin diseases (psoriasis, acne, pigmentation, eczema, dermatitis.
Diseases of the nervous system (depression, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease, stress, neurosis).
Digestive diseases (gastritis, ulcers) and dysfunction of the gallbladder.
Diseases of the eye (myopia, cataract, blepharitis, retinal detachment, a symptom of tired eyes, redness, inflammation).
Women's diseases (dysmenorrhea, cervical dysplasia, menopause).
Low immunity (AIDS, cancer, SARS, ARI).

Red palm oil used for cooking oils and Bud and feedback on its application very positive.Currently, many companies produce products based on red palm oil.

Medications and dietary supplements, which include the red palm oil can be purchased in companies:
Company NNPTS Technology Rejuvenation - NITSIFEROL "
Ltd. "Palm Oil Group -" Zlata Palma - Exclusive ".

Red palm oil - a power reserve of our body.


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