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Essential oils. Composition. Properties. Application








Composition and properties

Essential oils - a volatile complexes contained in plants and have a very strong aroma.The name they get it precisely for its "volatility" (the ability to quickly evaporate in the air).

Essential oils are formed in all parts of plants, but in different quantities.The leaves, flowers, buds, fruits, roots are the place most accumulation of essential oils. In some medicinal plants is a kidney, others - leaves, the third - the roots and flowers.

The content of essential oils for a variety of plants differently. In some species of medicinal plants percentage of oil content can be hundredths of a percent. Here, for example, clove buds are very rich in oil - content reaches 20%.

Get essential oils distilled from plant materials, extraction or cold pressing. Most essential oils Horo sho soluble in benzene, ether, alcohol, lipids and fatty oils.Therefore, the method of production is relatively simple.

Essential oils have a complex recipe. They contain about 500 organic compounds of different chemical structure. Essential oils - a multi-organic compounds of terpenes, alcohols, aldehydes and ketones contained in the aromatic plants. Plants that contain data oils, called essential oil feedstock.

The composition of essential oils depends on the type of plant, its chemotypes, weather conditions in the year of collection, storage conditions of raw materials and method of manufacture.

Application of essential oils

  • Used for prevention and treatment of many diseases (respiratory diseases, diseases of the nervous system, IRR, skin diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system)

  • They are used for flavoring FOOD evyh products, beverages, household chemicals and pharmaceutical industries

  • It has antiseptic, mikosepticheskim, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral action

  • This is a beautiful immunomodulators and antioxidants

  • Are potent regulators of emotional background, establish the harmony between man and nature

  • Relieves stress, tension, headache, elevate mood, improve sleep

  • Widely used in cosmetics for external use (creams, shampoos, gels, masks)

  • Improve the function of the organism as a result of regeniriruyuschego

  • A diuretic (urinary tract disease)

Mode of application

Recently, essential oils are applied in different forms. They are part of cosmetic products. Topic now scented candles, oil burner and aromamedalony. Aromatherapy involves not only treatment flavors, but their use in accordance with the rules of pharmacotherapy, as well as the use of other medicines.

Essential oils have been successfully applied in hospitals, preventoriums, spas and sports organizations. A simple way to use, affordable prices and good result of meth bstvuyut increased demand for these drugs.


Contraindications include individual intolerance. To believe the sensitivity of man to the action of essential oil is recommended to test. To do this you need to prepare a mixture (1 drop of essential oil diluted in 1 tablespoon of regular cooking oil) and rub it on the wrist. In the case of intolerance to appear red and irritated skin. In this case, you have to renounce the use of essential oils. Application for cosmetic purposes in undiluted may cause skin burns and dermatitis.

From leduet remember that use essential oils during pregnancy should be very careful, because some of them have an abortive effect and could provoke a miscarriage.

Plants containing essential oils

Air (root); anise (the fruit), orange (peel), Arnica (flowers and roots), basil (leaves and stems), bergamot (shell); white birch (buds, leaves and twigs), everlasting (flowers); bean Tonka (beans), Harrow (flowers), Valerian (root), vanilla (fruit), cloves (buds, leaves and flowers); Goran L (Oil), Grapefruit (peel), mustard (seed), nard (roots); clover (flowers), oregano (flowers), angelica (root), spruce (needles), jasmine (flower), ylang-ylang (fresh flowers), ginger (root), Iris (root), Calendula (flowers), camphor ( wood, bark), Kananga (flowers), Cardamom (seeds), cassia (flowers), cypress (twigs, cones), coriander (seed), Cinnamon (bark, leaf), Turmeric (root), lavender (whole plant) , laurel (leaves); Rhaponticum (fruit) lemon (peel); Chinese magnolia vine (leaves, roots), linden (flower); Siberian larch (needles, sap), lotus (flower), onions (bulb), Melissa ( the tops of stalks with flowers), bitter almonds (fruits), myrrh (resin and green parts of plants), juniper (fruit), carrots (seed), mint (leaves and tops of plants); Niolo (leaves), Narcissus (flower); palmaroza (grass), patchouli (leaf) parsley Ogorodnaya (seeds, leaves), tansy (ground part of plant), fir (needles, cones and young branches), wormwood (flowers and leaves), roses (flowers), rosemary (all plant); chamomile drug (flowers), sandalwood (roots and wood core), celery (seeds and leaves), pine (needles, young twigs), thyme (bloom), cumin (seeds), Thuja (leaves, shoots bark) Yarrow (herb), fennel (seeds, leaves); fenkel (seeds); ferule (chyle), pistachio (leaves and sap), hops (cones), ho-tree (leaves), horseradish (root); citronella (grass), thyme (herb) tea tree (leaves), garlic (bulb); sage (flowering part), Eucalyptus (leaves), elem (resin), tarragon (onshore); yaborandi (leaves).


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