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Birch sap



Russian Beauty ... birch birch .... The title of this slender tree and its bark - bark - is derived from the Indo-European root "edges" - light. She sang the poets and men of old knew about the ability of birch to return health. The archives of traditional healers and traditional healers have accumulated recipes from birch pollen, bark, leaves, buds and birch mushroom - chagi.

Today we talk about berezovitse - birch sap. Beginning with the snow melts and before the first sticky leaves of the birch tree sap flow is called by the people "weeping birch. Remember the words of the song: "And the home generously gave to drink my birch sap, birch sap?

The composition of birch sap

Birch sap - a real storehouse of vitamins, carbohydrates (Polysaccharides, glucose, fructose, sucrose), organic acids, aromatic, tannic and biologically active substances, trace elements (potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, manganese, barium, copper, titanium).

Properties Application Recipes

  • Birch juice helps with many diseases, including urolithiasis, peptic ulcer, bronchitis, sciatica, arthritis, impotence and menopausal disorders.
  • Those who get cold easily and often coughs, good to drink spring birch juice with milk and a small amount of flour or starch, as well as replacing tea extract from birch leaves from the strawberries, or strawberries.
  • Birch sap is used as an anthelminthic against ascarids and pinworms and helminths.
  • Berezovitsa successful conclusion of our body's accumulated toxins and harmful substances.
  • In conjunction with the squeezed juice of young birch-leaf birch juice stimulates the kidneys, destroying the stones, not irritating at the same kidney tissue.
  • A glass of fresh birch juice helps relieve fatigue, lethargy, irritability.
  • Among the useful properties berezovitsy - stimulation of blood, tissue regeneration, metabolism, anti-inflammatory, restorative effect.
  • In addition to the therapeutic effect of birch sap and has a good cosmetic effects.
  • Birch sap rubbed the skin with eczema, acne, to cleanse and moisturize dry, sensitive skin.
  • Ice cubes, consisting of birch sap, well wipe your face and neck. It's wonderful tones the skin, making it fresh and supple.
  • Birch sap is useful to rinse hair with dandruff, to enhance growth and reduce fat.

Birch sap recommended drink 3 times a day over a glass, a total of at least the entire period is about 6-7 liters.

Collection time

Birch sap is collected from mid-March to late April, before the swelling of birch buds. To collect birch sap nature allotted no more than 15-20 days a year. Most copious sap is from 12 to 18 pm. The most sweet and useful juice yield of birch growing at higher elevations, Warmed by the sun. Attention is drawn to the trunk. The trunk of a birch sokonosnoy must be at least 20-30 cm in diameter.


Ways to collect birch sap in the woods

There are two ways to collect birch sap.

  • The most famous - through inserted into a shallow slot (up to 2 cm) on the bark of a metal or plastic groove in the hanging to it tank.
  • Connoisseurs enjoy a more gentle way: collect the sap in containers, hanging on a fresh stump of a bitch, just dropped down.

Slot or hole in the trunk is better to do on the south side of the tree, since the motion of juice there is more active at 40 - 50 cm from the ground, the downward direction. In the semi-circular groove is inserted into the slot of birch bark on which the juice flows into the tank. You can use the phone. Juice is collected in ordinary glass jars or in plastic bottles. But remember that chemistry can give a specific flavor or juice to dissolve it by herself. Capacity needs to be changed 2 - 3 times per day, otherwise the juice may ferment.

Do not try to "merge" all the juice from the tree, it can die! With one tree harvested no more than 2 liters of juice per day.

Juice is desirable to take a more mature trees, as young trees, this moisture is needed for normal growth.

After collecting the sap in birch tree close up the wound with a piece of moss, clay or other materials at hand. Remember this! Protect the Russian beauty, then the following year she generously give you a refreshing juice.

It is impossible to collect the juice along the roads or industrial areas - it will only bring harm rather than benefit, because it contains heavy metals and toxins.

Experts recommend collecting sap in the woods, where old trees are getting ready for cutting.

Storage berezovitsy

Prepare for future use berezovitsu not just because the refrigerator of its properties are only saved a couple of days.

Juice stored in glass jars or plastic bottles. However, remember that chemicals can give a specific flavor or juice to dissolve it by herself. Capacity needs to be changed 2 - 3 times per day, otherwise the juice may ferment.

The easiest way to store birch sap - a frost. After thawing, the juice retains virtually all of its properties.

Juice can be preserved. To do this, heat the juice in enamelware to 80 degrees and pour in sterilized jars. Zakuporte lids and kept for 15 - 20 minutes in water 85 degrees for pasteurization.

Birch sap, bought in a store, pleasant taste and good thirst quencher, but benefit from it a little: is added as a preservative citric acid deprives berezovitsu unique properties.

Birch sap - is gift of nature.It is a symbol of spring.

And we should be thankful - at least not to die Russian Birch after this procedure.



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