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Pets. Benefit or harm


Loyalty to admire the dog and weasel cat touches.

Keep pets at home phenomenon is very relevant in recent times. Pets are very fond of children. They play with a pet, feed and walks. And they do it, usually with pleasure! Satisfied with my parents. Indeed, household pet among other things helps bring more organization and responsibility in a child, to a regime. Animals often respond to us in return, they can make your home more comfortable, kind and warm. Someone starts a pet with a specific purpose, such as dogs for home security and cats to protect against rodents.


You bought a pet. Where to start?

About how begin to raise a puppy, how to feed, train and treat is available here:


How dangerous proximity of animal and human, but how useful?

Four-legged friends are giving us free psychotherapy.

  • Communicating with pets does not cause asthma, but rather, helps to alleviate the patient's condition. This also applies to cases of any allergic reactions.
  • Animaloterapiya effective for different diseases and disorders. Communicating with animals is used as an effective tool in treatment of psychological disorders.
  • Communication helps to relieve stress and normalize the nervous system.
  • In the process of communicating with animals, a person learns to establish contact with the environment, there is harmonization of interpersonal relations.
  • Pet owners - more sociable and contact people.
  • Contact with the animals to compensate for a lack of communication with people. It is so important for single people.
  • For the blind and visually impaired people a guide dog is simply irreplaceable.

As can be seen, the benefits enormous.


Hazards and harm

Living in close quarters with animals, we put ourselves at risk. It is not always such a neighborhood brings only benefits. Pets also get sick. And there are among the diseases are those that are transmitted to humans. Especially if you ignore the preventive examinations, which carries out any veterinary clinic.


Veterinary Clinic can help avoid such problems. Having done all the necessary tests, you can find complete information about the health of a pet. And if necessary, a course of treatment and prevention. Of course, much depends on the person - a pet owner. If you keep your pet in inappropriate circumstances, it would be a good environment for the occurrence of any disease, including the risk to humans.

And only if all the rules, the animals did not become a source of anxiety, and joy and even good. And follow the rules just to hard.


Disease. How to deal with them?

Canine rabies - an infectious disease affecting the nervous system, is more common among animals (cats, dogs, horses, wolves, foxes, lynx).

Symptoms: mental disorders, dry mouth, fever. By the bite of an urgent need to Consult your doctor for treatment of the sting and vaccinated against rabies.
If you have got a puppy, be sure to make him all the necessary vaccinations.


Ringworm (mikrosporiya, trichophytosis) - Fungal diseases.

Cause - parasite in man or animal, and very easy to spread by direct contact or through household items, which were fungus spores are particularly prone to this disease the children;
Symptoms, red spots on the skin that become inflamed first, and then begin to peel off. The hair on the head break off and crumble. Sores appear on the scalp.

In order to prevent their pets regularly bathe and wash your hands often themselves. That soap washes away all the spores of fungi and lichens, falling on your hands from the dog hair.

Worms, worms
Compared with the first two problems - a mere trifle. Infection with helminths (worms) can be easily prevented and treated with special anthelminthic drugs. Enough to take their whole family once every six months.


Scabies - contagious skin disease caused by a tick (itch mite).

Reasons: infection occurs in contact with the skin itch mite, which begins to parasitize and reproduce by laying eggs.
Humans can be infected with scabies in contact with the sick person, or through things that were in use by an infected person.

Symptoms: The disease develops within 1 - 2 weeks after getting a tick in the skin. The emergence of small pink nodules on the skin with bloody crust, between which can be viewed itch course of a few millimeters.
Intense itching, especially at night.

Treatment is prescribed after a physician survey on the treatment the patient must be protected against contact with others.

In any case, the factory pet, be conscious of the responsibility which lies on us as his owner, and do not forget that we are responsible for those who have tamed.

If you observe basic safety precautions your four-legged friends do not give you grief. They raise the spirits, will be removed stress and will delight you with their presence.

Creates a dog, cat crank and stay healthy!




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