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Implementation of dietary supplements through pharmacies? Reviews


Act for the sale of dietary supplements through pharmacies released back in 2003. So far, he is not running ....

There are lots of comments on the question of entering the State Duma a bill prohibiting the selling of biologically active additives (BAA) outside of pharmacies.

What is the fate of dietary supplements?How will their implementation in 2010? Can network marketing companies to distribute supplements or will be sold only in pharmacies? Prohibit advertising supplements or not? What law prohibits advertising for dietary supplements? What documents are needed for the implementation of dietary supplements in MLM companies?

The opinion of the authors comments on these issues different

  • Add implementation of BAA through network marketing, arguing that the pharmacies "are not all pure" and give an opportunity to earn poor citizens (networker) during the crisis.
  • Tighten control over the manufacture and distribution of dietary supplements, because due to unscrupulous entrepreneurs MLM now come into question and honest company.
  • Punished for false advertising (such as dietary supplements - a panacea), and honest advertising leave. To punish for willful overpricing bioadditives, which does not meet the price-list.
  • Selling Supplements only in pharmacies according to the decree № 50.

Decision of Chief state sanitary doctor of April 17, 2003N 50

On implementation of sanitary and epidemiological rules and norms


"Hygienic requirements to the organization of production and trafficking of biologically active supplements (BAS)" GG Onishchenko (Abridged).

IV. Packaging requirements Supplements and information put on the label
4.1. Packaging BAA must ensure safety and quality of dietary supplements at all stages of turnover.
4.2. When packing supplements should be used materials allowed for use in the prescribed manner for contact with food or drugs.
4.3. Information requirements put on the label supplements shall be in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the imposition of the label information for consumers.
4.4. Information on dietary supplements must contain:
- The names of dietary supplements and, in particular:
- The trademark of the manufacturer (if any);
- Indicate the regulatory or technical documentation, mandatory requirements which must comply with BAA (BAA for domestic production and the CIS countries);
- The composition of dietary supplements, with an indication of the ingredient in a manner consistent with their descending order by weight or percentage,
- Information about the basic consumer properties of dietary supplements,
- Information about the weight or volume of dietary supplements in a unit of consumer packaging and weight or volume per unit;
- Information on contraindications for use in certain types of diseases;
- An indication that BAA is not a medicine;
- The date of manufacture, warranty expiration date or the date of the deadline for implementation;
- Storage conditions;
- Information on state registration of BAS with the number and date;
- Location and name of the manufacturer (seller) and the location and phone the organization authorized by the manufacturer to accept claims from customers.
4.5. The information provided in this Article shall be brought to the attention of consumers in any other available to read the user form.
4.6. Use of the term "environmentally friendly product" in the title and for application information on the label dietary supplements, as well as use other terms that have no legal and scientific evidence, is not allowed.

V. Statement on the production of dietary supplements
5.1. Manufacturing Supplements should be implemented only after its state registration in the prescribed manner and in strict compliance with normative and technical documentation.
5.2. Institutions gossanepidsluzhby in the subject of the Russian Federation issued sanitary-epidemiological conclusion on the production on the basis of:
- The results of sanitary-epidemiological survey of production to determine readiness for serial production of products;
- Evaluation of organization of production quality control and safety of raw materials and finished products;
- Assessing the results of laboratory research products.
5.3. Serial production of dietary supplements by the presence of:
- Sanitary-epidemiological conclusions center of state in the subject of the Russian Federation (the place of production BAA)
- Approved and coordinated with the regional center of state work programs of production control.

7.4. Requirements for the implementation of BAA
7.4.1. Retail supplements through pharmacies (pharmacies, chemist shops, chemist's kiosks and others), specialty stores selling health foods, food stores (special departments, sections, kiosks).
7.4.2. When placing and accommodation arrangements for the implementation of dietary supplements should be guided by the requirements of existing sanitary regulations and other regulatory documents for pharmaceutical institutions and trade organizations.
7.4.3. Ongoing Supplements must comply with the requirements established by the normative and technical documentation.
7.4.4. Retail sale of dietary supplements are only in the consumer packaging.
7.4.5. The label of each container place showing expiration date, type of product should be maintained until the end of a product.
7.4.6. Not allowed implementation Supplements:
- Did not pass state registration;
- Without a certificate of quality and safety;
- Not relevant sanitary rules and norms;
- Expired;
- In the absence of appropriate conditions for implementation;
- Without a label, as well as in the case where information in the label does not meet agreed with the state registration;
7.4.7. Decision on waste taken in accordance with the Regulations for examination, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.
7.4.9. In the event of termination of the registration certificate can be realized with the BAA did not have expired if they have documents confirming the date of issue of the duration of the registration certificate.

7.5. Requirements for the content of information on dietary supplements

7.5.1. Mark Supplements to the media presents information about the products, state registered, and in particular its composition, properties, effects on human health and conditions of use in accordance with the instruction approved in the prescribed manner.

In early December 2009 the State Duma introduced a bill prohibiting the selling of biologically active additives (BAA) outside pharmacies

"Practical implementation of the BAA in Russia shows that the vast majority of violations and fraud on the market falls on vneaptechnye sale" - told reporters on Monday by the draft law, member of "Fair Russia" Anton Belyakov.

He cited data, according to which in 2008 the market dietary supplements in Russia amounted to 11.5 billion rubles, while at the pharmacy to have no more than half, a widespread practice of selling supplements through call centers. According to the deputy, "the so-called specialty shops luring customers through the media lemming advertising" miracle pills "and sell their often adulterated, the goods.

The bill also introduces a duty for pharmacists to inform the buyer that the BAA does not have medicinal properties, said Alexander Belyakov. "For violation of this rule establishes the administrative responsibility," - he added. As the MP, according to opinion polls to 60% of Russians believe that "bioadditive is or medicine, or even" harder drugs ", and it means - like education a must."

As MP said, the bill imposes a number of strict requirements to the instructions bioadditives. "Manufacturers should not be mentioned in the manual the names of diseases or their symptoms, because it creates the consumer the illusion that the additive is intended to cure the disease, that is to disappear the phrase" benefits from, that in the minds of consumers is also associated with healing properties "- said the deputy.


The bill, submitted to the Duma:


Resolution № 50 "On the introduction of SanPiN 2.3.2. 1290-03 "dated April 17, 2003



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