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The role of bacteria in human life


What is bacteria?

When people talk about bacteria, many are just awful pests, diseases and bringing only the infection. We should not forget that in nature there are many kinds of useful single-celled organisms.

Opening of the bacteria was made scientist A. Leeuwenhoek in the late XVII century. At the beginning of the study of these microorganisms mistakenly believed that they were born in the rotting remains of flora and fauna. Later, the scientist L. Pasteur found that they occur only from other living bacteria and can cause certain diseases. In this area a great role is played by Robert Koch, who developed "Koch's postulates."

At the present time we know about 400 species of beneficial bacteria. The total number of them in the human body reaches several trillion. But in the organism newborn bacteria are absent. Bacteria are good - friendly and bad - bad. Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum and Bifidobacterium longum - this is the most famous. Violation of the balance of friendly and unfriendly bacteria leads to reduced activity of the intestinal microflora. This is dysbacteriosis.

Bacteria cause decay of dead plants and animals on land and in water.Without them the earth would be covered with a variety of dead material. Transforming complex substances, bacteria decompose them into simple, which in turn returned to the soil, water and air, which is used by plants and animals. Bacteria are necessary to sustain life on earth. For example, nitrogen-containing micro-organisms living in the soil and help to transform nitrogen into substances that are needed by plants. And man, these plants consume.

In the food industry for the production of cheeses and dairy products.
For waste management, such as sewage, into less harmful or even useful products. Waste water - one of the acute problems of modern humanity. Their total mineralization requires huge amounts of oxygen, as in conventional reservoirs, which made the waste dump, its for their removal is not enough. The solution lies in additional aeration of wastewater in special pools (aeration basin): from bacteria-mineralizer enough oxygen for complete decomposition of organic matter, and one of the final products of the process in the most favorable cases it becomes drinking water.
In medicine, for the production of antibiotics, including streptomycin (bacteria of the genus Streptomyces).
In the industrial production of paints, plastics, leather and textiles.
In the food industry for confectionery, beverages and removal of shells with coffee beans and cocoa.

Structure, nutrition, reproduction and viability of bacteria
Bacteria - a primitive single-celled organisms that are microscopic size from 0.1 to 28 microns.

The bacterial cell is surrounded by a dense shell, through which it maintains a constant shape.The strength of the shell attached to murein, which is characteristic for bacteria and not found in plant and animal cells. The mobility due to the presence in them of several flagella. Flagella can rotate at a speed of 3000 rpm. This is a great speed.

Methods of food bacteria are very diverse as their living conditions.Most bacteria are fed ready-made organic substances. Only some of them, such as cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae can feed into the process of photosynthesis (phototrophs). Only oxygen is in contrast to the plants they have not allocated. They receive the necessary energy for life processes by oxidizing inorganic substances (hemotrofy). Bacteria, feeding on organic matter ready to be divided into two groups: the saprophytes, parasites.

Bacteria reproduce by simple division into two parts.Time protsecsa division is about 20 minutes under favorable conditions. If conditions are unfavorable, they are covered by a dense shell, which is called a spore. Spores can persist for a long time in conditions of heat and cold, hot water and the scorching sun. It is noted that the survival of spores in a strong radiation. And when conditions become normal for life, once a dispute grows and multiplies.
  • There are bacteria that flourish in the water, cooling nuclear reactors.
  • Allocated microorganisms to withstand a two-week stay in high vacuum.
  • Helicobacter - bacteria are unique, with its incredible vitality.
  • University of Missouri-Columbia discovered the bacteria that "eat" radiation.
  • Bacterium Micrococcus radiodurans is so resistant that can withstand the atomic radiation, equal to 6,5 million X-ray, a thousand times the lethal dose for humans.
  • Some types of bacteria can live in a sulphurous waters.
The role of beneficial bacteria in our bodies
Absorption of vitamins and amino acids.
Production of lactic, acetic, formic and succinic acids, which are involved in metabolism.
Production of vitamin BT, B2, K, thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinic, pantothenic and folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12.
Reducing the activity of pathogenic microflora, which is a cause of cancer.
The suppression activity of putrefactive bacteria that cause intoxication of the organism.
Strengthening immunity as a result of the synthesis of immunoglobulins, and vitamins.
Filtration and elimination of toxic substances that enter the body with food and the environment.
Prevent the infiltration of pathogenic bacteria through the mucosa.
Increased hydrolysis of proteins, digestion of sugar, fat digestion, dissolution of dietary fiber.
Stimulation of intestinal peristalsis and delete its contents.
The normalization of water-salt balance.
Normalization of the blood (increase in hemoglobin levels and lower ESR).
Improving the exchange of fat, lowering cholesterol in blood serum.
Normalization of blood level of lipoproteins and phospholipids.

Causes of dysbiosis and decrease the activity of intestinal microflora
Infectious diseases for treatment with antibiotics.
Hormonal therapy, the use of steroids (drugs to increase body weight), birth control pills.
Stress, high physical activity, which is especially important for athletes.
Fatigue, high mental load during the sessions of the students.
Poor environmental conditions, poor quality tap water.
Lack of vitamins, unbalanced diet.
Illiterate fasting for correction of shape and weight reduction.
Overeating (eating very large portions, with the inevitable violation of fermentation).
Eating large amounts of fat and sugar, as well as fast food.
Age (viability and activity of beneficial microflora decreases).

How to restore the intestinal microflora and treatment of dysbiosis
Use of products containing bifidobacteria.
Application of serum of these bacteria (vaccine).
The use of dietary supplements - probiotics.
NNPTSTO offers a means to combat dysbiosis Peptolakt plus.

In nature, always going the death of living creatures.Why the planet does not turn into a giant graveyard of corpses? The title role in the processing of organic substances do bacteria and fungi. They can decompose organic matter, dead organisms to mineral substances, which are then used by plants. Bacteria are preparing the way for a new life. This is the cycle in nature.

It is hard to imagine that would have been on the planet, if it were not for this wonderful world of bacteria!


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